I locked my babies in the car!

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I locked my babies in the car!

Yesterday I decided to run some errands while my older kids were at dance Then I ran to the bank and they were awesome again. Then I went to buckle them in to drive back to where the big kids were taking their tap class, and I buckled Abram in and went to go buckle in Wyatt on the other side... I shut the door and heard the click, yeah. Both babies locked in the car with my keys and phone! OMGoodness! Someone pulled in quickly (thrift store right next to the bank) and thankfully he had a cell. I called my hubby like 4 times, he was in the car driving home but his phone was on silent. Called one sister, no answer. Called another sister, finally got ahold of her, and she called her hubby (who works close) and mine. The whole time I was nudging Wyatt, "push the button" "there's the button" and so on. I'm pointing to the auto lock and he just keeps touching my finger on the other side of the window. I got him to pull the handle to open the door, but he just could not figure out what button I was talking about. Thankfully it was a cooler day or I would have called the cops immediately. But thankfully both boys were happy, though Abram being all buckled was starting to look a little grumpy. The man helping me let me make lots of phone calls and went into the store after he knew help was on the way. I saw a text come up on my phone on the passenger's side and moved over there, and then was again trying to get Wyatt to "push the button up", and somehow (miracle of all miracles, truly!) I think his belly pushed the button because he was leaning against it, because I noticed the lock was up. Hallelujah! So they were in there maybe 15min tops, sucked royally. I felt like an awful mom, and will not make that mistake again. And I was only 5 minutes late picking up the biggers from dance. When we got home we had a lesson on "this is the button. Push the button down, push the button up". lol

Thank heavens for good samaritans and answers to prayers!

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OH NO!!! Poor thing!! I bet they thought it was a fun game though LOL!
So happy all was well!

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poor kids... i am glad they are ok....

DH and I did that once when DD1 was about a month old... but we had to call the cops...

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Dont worry you arent a bad mummy....Glad it all turnned out ok....and things happened before you had to call in th cops....

My sister did the same thing with her kids...but they were both buckled in and she threw her keys into the front seat and it mustve knocked the lock button...CLICK
She paniced a bit, as you would, but then thought about it and our brother works in a lock smith shop so she just had to get hold of him and he could break into the car...
Couldnt track him down and was continplating smashing the little back window as both her kids were SCREAMING....
FInally got in contacted with the brother and they were freed....BUT she was so frazzled she drove off leaving her double pram on the footpath....Luck there are good people out there and someone had taken it into the shop it was outside....

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Oh no! glad it was a brief issue and everyone was fine. I love the idea of teaching them how to unlock the doors.

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Yikes. Good reminder for us all! I am always tempted to put my keys down in the car when I am loading and unloading. But I have made a conscious effort to not do that and instead always put Ben in my pocket or on the. At just in case. Things happen so fast - especially when we are rushing and multi-tasking! Glad everything turned out ok. Hopefully we will all keep our wits if this happens to use now that we have heard your story and how you handled it! Thanks for sharing.

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How scary! I'm glad it all worked out so well! That is one of my hugest fears so I am always leaving random doors open on the car and having to walk around it 100 times as I buckle everyone in

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That's one of my worst nightmares, and lately my car lock has been locking without me actually pressing the button. Glad you got them out quickly though and it wasn't too hot a day.

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oh my gosh! My heart is racing for you as I read! So glad everything worked out ok in the end Smile