Kip Chandler is here!

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Kip Chandler is here!



He is here! Born on 5-17 at 6lbs. 6oz. He looks a little like Trace but has a head full of Strawberry Blond colored hair;)

When I went in I was at 4cm. They started pitocin. After they broke my water he was here in three hours. I got an epi. All when AWESOME!

So when are my July 2010 mamas gonna start having babies:eek:

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Congratulations! He's adorable!

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Congrats again Shelly, I was properly stalking you on the May 12 boards hehe! He looks just like Trace, you sure your done at 9? HEHE!!!!
And so far your it for the babies from July 10.

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He's beautiful! Congratulations!

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...ask me in a year...

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Congrats Shelly...He is jsut gorgeous!!!!.....
And yip as Sara said, you are on your own baby wise Smile no more happening here!!!....
Hope all is well and Kip is doing what all good babies should do and being nice on his extremely busy mummy....TAKE CARE!!!

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"UpBeachMom" wrote:

...ask me in a year...

This Smile

Congrats, love his fuzzy hair! So cute!

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Congrats! I just love his hair Smile I hope you have a very speedy recovery.

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He's adorable!! Congrats!!

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Popping in to say Congratulations!