Mrs, Mr, or first name?

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Mrs, Mr, or first name?

Do you have your toddlers call all other adults by Mrs/Mr or do you let them use first names? Or do you make everyone an aunty/uncle?
We are just getting to this stage and I don't really want everyone to be an aunty/uncle but it feels so strange to be using Mrs/Mr all the time for our friends etc. However, when we were kids we definitely called all adults Mrs/Mr. I think it won't feel so strange once DS is in school and has a teacher Mrs/Mr but right now it definitely is kind of akward.
(I have some friends from southern US then use have their kids call people Miss Catherine etc which is neat - but might seem odd up here in Canada?).

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My DD calls all her of friends parents by their first names. The only people she calls Aunt/Uncle that are not really, are my DH's very best friends, in which case they are more like family than our blood family, so it works (though I thought it was super weird at first). I did have her call her swim instructor "Miss Gloria" instead of just Gloria...but we're not in the South so I know it's a bit strange here, too. But DH is from the southwest, and that's how they roll...;) Although, we'll probably never get on the ma'am/sir bandwagon because I have weird issues with that, ha ha.

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I'd say it's kind of a regional thing. Around here, we just use first names. We're moving south, and we've been told (by a southerner friend) that they use "Miss" and "Mister" in front of the first name. If you don't use it, you're not showing respect and are being rude. So we're going to have to teach the kids their southern manners Wink

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My very best friends are Aunt and Uncle. My friends are by first name. People we don't know well are Mr or Mrs, especially as we get into things like sports and school.

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My two best friends are Aunty and their husbands are Uncle....but all our other friends are just first names....

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Just first names here.

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At daycare the ladies go by "Miss so-and-so" (and when he gets to school his teachers will be Ms. or Mr), but aside from them it doesn't bother me if he calls other people by their first name.

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DS doesnt really call anyone other than me, DH, my parents by any name. But we refer to people by their first names. Well except our really close friends and sibling we call them by Auntie or Uncle so and so.

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I am glad I don't seem to be alone in this so far. Don't want to raise a degenerate with no manners!!!

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Dont worry....As long as they call their Teachers by Mr/Mrs/Miss and all people they should be respective to, not that they shouldnt be to your friends but you get my drift...If they arent a personal friend of theirs or your family, it SHOULD be Mr/Mrs/Miss....I even called most of my friends parents by that, so I will be incouraging my children to do the same...

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I think it sounds cute when they say Mr or Miss (1st name)

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I guess we're by-the-book Southerners Lol It's Mr/Ms all the way here. My DH grew up with true Indian etiquette, so the kids call everyone Indian Auntie/Uncle. Well, actually, we only talked to people who we were related to, so they actually really were all Aunties and Uncles ROFL Growing up bi-cultural is fun!

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We just usually go by first names. If someone prefers something different, I will have my children call them whatever they'd like, but we haven't really run into that yet.

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We do Mr/Ms first name around here. Florida is geographically the South, but that's about it, but it's how I was raised and we've continued it with our kids and most of our friends do the same. There are a few kids that just call adults by their first name, but no one looks at them as being rude, it's just how their parents have taught them. DH grew up having to call everyone Mr/Mrs last name and that's a bit too formal for me.

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Well.. I'll throw ours into the mix... at church we call everyone brother/sister last name, and since most of our friends are members of the church, our kids call tons of ppl brother/sister so and so. Smile Honestly, when ppl introduce themselves to my small kids by their first name only it feels awkward, but I'll go with their preference. Smile But they do call a number of ppl by their first name only. Smile

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(Hi, it's been awhile!)
Huh, I didn't realize the Miss/Mr first name was a Southern thing! Growing up we always did Mr/Mrs last name but it seems too formal nowadays.
We do Miss/Mr first name and Aunt/Uncle for their actual aunts and uncles and my cousins.