my 2nd son is five tomorrow!!!

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my 2nd son is five tomorrow!!!

Can't believe it!!! I have a 5 yr old!!! its seems like yesterday he was a tiny little quiet baby all bundled up in his car-seat going home!!!
A little background on him...he was conceived just after 6 months after his big brother who was born 8 wks early. The poor guy went through a scary journey to arrive safe...He was born at 37 wks 5 days...early but not early enough to go to the nicu!!! He had ABO incompatibility which is when his blood went in to my body through the umbilical cord so my body sent in white blood cells which attacked his red blood cells, his body in return tried to fight it off, by doing this his billi Ruben levels spiked really high...he come home on a wallaby to combat the high billi Ruben levels...also unbeknownst to us even though we had many ultrasounds he had placenta previa which moved but some of the veins still remained over the cervix thank goodness he was breech.. if he was born vaginally like I had planned he might have bled out!
Now he's starting kindergarten!!!:wink:
I made him a collage to honor his b-day!!!

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Congrats to your little miracle! I had placenta previa with my son, it was scary stuff. Glad you ended up needing a c/s, what a blessing huh!

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awww happy birthday !!!!

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Happy birthday to him! I've found 5 to be a lovely age, so far Smile

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Happy Birthday to HIM!