My first official working-mom "guilt" day

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My first official working-mom "guilt" day

Today I had to fight back the tears at work. DS is turning two tomorrow and his birthday will be marked wih his caregiver at the drop in program they go to on Friday and that got me emotional. I started thinking about attending and then started feeling sad about how he other sahms there might judge me for showing up 2 hours out of the year. In the end I have decided to take the morning off work and attend. I want to see him here with the kids singing and to have the memory. (we aren't doing a party this year since our family is all out of town and DH is working weekend and we couldn't find a date that worked - so it will be just the three of us).
Anyway - I had thought I would had cried when I first returned to work but honestly I enjoyed being back at work (although I would prefer part time). DH and I have discussed me going to part time when the kids are both in school.

Oh mommy guilt - hurts you deep down in the tender bits!!!

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Sorry, momma!

I wouldn't worry for two seconds what the other moms think! It's not their business. And honestly, they are probably not judging you. I wouldn't. Wink

You are going to be present for his bday, whether it be all day or part of the day, and really, that's all that matters. Smile

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As a working mom, I 100%, totally understand that Mommy guilt.

I bet that going actually made the other mom's feel for you - they would totally get it.


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As a SAHM and an In Home Child Educator....I would say....GOOD ON YOU for wanting to be there....I dont think anyone would judge you for taking time off work to spend it with him, thats AWESOME!!!....And if they do judge you, its none of their business anyway....
Not many working parents can or will do that, so big ups to you....It shows how you would love to be able to spend more time with him...Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to stay at home with our kids, I didnt get to with my first, but now its just not finacially viable for me to go back to work, hence working from home looking after other kids Smile
So you go there and you spend that time with him and enjoy!!!!....Dont even think for a second what others think!!!....:)
The mother of the little girl I look after tries to come to things when possible and I think its great!!!

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As a fellow working-outside-of-the-home-mom, I know what you're going through. It's very hard to balance work and family time, so make whatever family time you have count. Go there and enjoy yourself and your little one and try not to think about what others may think of you. It seems like whatever you do or don't do, there will always be naysayers, so do what works for you. Hugs! And happy second birthday to your little man Biggrin

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Thanks everyone. The playgroup was successful and the little vultures ate every drop of cake I brought. They even had ice cream! They sang Happy Birthday about 6 times and the leader mentioned it was Wills birthday about 12 times and included him in circle time extra. She also had the puppet theatre box decorated with a sign and picture of Will and party hats!
So yes I was glad I went.
Thanks again for the encouragement. :).

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Aw! Glad you could go and that Will had a great day of everyone remembering his bday!