Pooping during time out...

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Pooping during time out...

We've had great success with time outs and this is the first time I've run into trouble. Luke is 2 1/4 years old now, hard to believe! Three times in the last 24 hours he pooped in his pants during time out. He's been potty trained since August. He's done great and accidents are rare.

The first time he pooped in his pants during time out I didn't think much of it. I just figured well he had to go! Then he did it again two more times today. I'm thinking now it is deliberate and not an accident. He just got over laughing at me during time out. I would ignore it and not feed into him at all and he finally quit. Has he replaced laughing with pooping? If its deliberate pooping should I put him back in time out again after I clean him up? I've never scolded him for having an accident in his pants. We just clean up and move on. I'm not sure though if deliberately pooping in his pants during time out should warrens another time out. Thoughts?

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I wonder if the first time out wasn't the result of misbehaving due to a need "to go"? Maybe watch his signals a bit before deciding what to do. I'm not big on building a tower of time outs, nor of making a big deal about bathroom issues. That would teach him that he is a success at pushing your buttons to get any kind of attention. I'm not sure either on this one!
My DD has her kids sit in view on the stairs for time out. If things escalate, then it is off to their rooms for a brief time. They certainly all have different personalities!

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We arent really doing time outs and not PT yet. But wanted to wish you luck, hope you find luck and arent cleaning up poopy undies.