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QOTW 6.18

Where is everyone???? (no thats not the question)

How long did it take to get PG with your LOs?

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Im here, Smile

Ummmm Zoe, first time we DTD...SERIOUSLY I went off my pill didnt go near each other because I wanted to fit in my wedding dress, then as soon as I thought yip Im safe I will still fit it, we DTD ONCE unprotected and 4wks later I had a pos test!!!....so I was 8wks preg at my wedding....I was WAY TO EGAR to be a mum!!!!

Liam it took 8mnths of trying, got preg, had a m/c at almost 7wks and then got preg straight after bleeding stopped (dr said go for it, so we did Smile ) Didnt expect it to take so long to get preg, so we were very upset when we lost the baby....we did skip trying for a cycle on the 6th month because I wanted to go snowboarding and I was pi$$ed I wasnt preg yet, so thought a break and some fun was a good idea...

Charlie I got preg on the 2nd cycle...It was either then or we had to wait till almost a year later, as we were going overseas for a wedding and I dont travell well let alone when Im pregnant....So I was hoping it worked fast and it did Smile I did however get really disheartened, I was testing like a crazy lady (as you do) and when it SHOULDVE read pos it was a neg, so I was all gutted thinking that was it, now I have to wait a year!!!.....I was crying etc etc.... About 30mins later I went back into the bathroom and looked at it one more time, I know that after a length of time you arent ment to look at it as it can be a false reading....BUT it said pos!!!!.....
So I tested again the next day and it was pos straight away!!!.....

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Technically it took 2 cycles but that was over a 10 month period due to DH's deployment. I used our time apart to temp and try to gauge my cycles. But they were as irregular as ever so quickly skipped to using OPKs and got PG that 1st OPK cycle.

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Its pretty cool when you learn your body....I never got the chance to even take note of how it all waorks with Zoe...but with Liam I became a pro at it...I found out all the signs of O time etc so was able to time it to the t, which some ways in a way was SUCH A BAD THING, as you knew when you were ABLE to get preg and when you SHOULD read preg....so the let down each month as it passed with a neg reading was sooooooo disappointing....Im jsut glad that with Charlie it happend pretty fast.....

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I've been charting for 8 years now. I love it!! I have longer cycles, so it really was essential otherwise we might not have had optimal timing. lol. Took 3 cycles for DD1 and 9 cycles for DD2.

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I had to learn about my cycles when I started charting too.
DS was an oops; I was charting and thought it was too early for me to be close to ovulation but apparently not!
With DD, she was planned and we got it the first month we were "not trying, not preventing."
The problem is, I've basically set my hopes on getting pregnant immediately next time around and DH still wants to wait a couple more months. I just hope I don't get too close to being due in the summer.

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I always got pregnant first month I tried pretty much... But I also miscarried a lot... So it always felt like a bit of a rollercoaster. I knew I'd get pregnant, but I didn't know if I'd stay that way!

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With DS it took 4 months. I was charting, and man it was so hard every month when my period showed! I decided to take a break from charting and relax and I went home to visit my parents on my own. I came back and we did the deed one time that whole month and that's the one that stuck!
With DD we caught her on the 2nd cycle! Yay!!!

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We never actively tried, just let it happen, but I find it interesting that we got lucky 3 times anyway. My cycles were always erratic--one would be 60 days, the next 35, the next 50, the next 28--so although we had taken NFP classes and could chart with the best of 'em, we couldn't predict when I was going to be fertile at all. I liked charting, though. It was the only way I had any warning of when AF would attack since I could see when I O'd after the fact, and it revealed a really nice consistent 14-day luteal phase.

I hate that there are couples out there who try and try and try and don't seem to get anywhere, and then here we are, fertile as can be.