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QOTW 6.4

How did you decide on your LO's name(s) and do s/he have any nicknames?

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Zoe had no name for 2 days, because I was sure I was having a boy, so one day I just thought Zoe Amber and her dad agreed.....
With Liam, thinking it was going to a huge issue deciding on names... I searched through names for like EVER!!! ....Wrote a list of names with a couple I REALLY liked and some that were just ho-hum and I threw in a couple of random ones....Handed the list to Andy to see where his head was at with names BUT low and behold....he liked the names I did and only crossed of the random and ho-hum ones leaving the 2 names I REALLY liked.....Laim and Issac....
When it came to Charlie, I just said it and he said YES!!!! (funny because Charlie was I named I mentioned early in my pregnancy with Liam and he said a very strong NO).....men they are odd creatures Smile

Nick names...Zoe -Zobi
Liam - Leman
Charlie - Chuckles, Charlie bear

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there wasn't a name my husband liked except for the name Noah... guess we had it picked out the day I found out I was pregnant... his nicknames are No and Noahey... hard to make the name "Noah" shorter LOL

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For Ryken, DH had picked that name before we even got pregnant. I wasn't completely sold on it, but DH shot down every. single. idea I had. I love it now and couldn't imagine his name being anything else.

We didn't pick out Sully's name until I was 35 weeks pg. We had such a hard time. I remember sitting watching tv one night and looking through the baby name book. I cam across it and though Sullivan....hmmmm, we could call him Sully for short! I asked DH what he thought and he loved it too. DH is the only one that calls him Sullivan. I always call him Sully. He has one silly nickname from DS1, Guggy. He couldn't say Sully when he was born, it came out as Guggy Smile Poor kid!

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I have a lot of hang ups with boy names - mainly because DH's name is Robert by his parents and Rob by me - and I don't like not knowing what to call someone. So, my rule was that my kid's names are names that can't be shortened. Not such a big deal for girls, but many many many boys names are ones like Michael or Christopher or William that can be made into Mike or Chris or Will/Bill - and I didn't want that.

So, we were looking through books and found Colin and it stuck.

His nickname is Collie or Colliewog. Not sure where Collie-wog came from, but it came out one day and we just liked it.

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Tommy is named from DHs side of the family. its tradition to be Thomas. DHs middle name is Vincent same as DHs grandfathers name. They which the middle names every other generation- so no Jrs. and such. So Tommys middle is after FILs= Thomas Gennaro. Not a fan of Gennaro but its a middle name. I did want to do Thomas Valentino but I got vetod.
I do want a nickname possibility for kiddos. I have a short name so cant really shorten it.
I call tommy: Tommykins, Peanut, Goober, Booger, little man. When he was an infant I called him Peanut Butter- I know not very baby like- but it spawned from Peanut.

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Thanks for doing this Sara! I try to remember to check in, but sometimes I only get time to read posts. Smile

My oldest dd is Brilee, dh's name is Brian Lee ____, so I made it from his name. I thought I was being all original, but I've heard it a fair amount since. But her name is special because she is named after her daddy. She loves her name, even though we get misspellings and mispronunciations a ton (but heck, we get those with my name too!). Smile Her middle name is Arlene, after dh's paternal grandma who passed away about a year before dd was born. She was a super sweet lady, so even though it was not my fave name, it has grown on me, because of who Arlene was.

My ds, we waffled with names for sooo long, always making silly suggestions like Anakin, Frodo, etc. Then dh jokingly threw out Tucker, from a song he learned in elementary school, Old Man Tucker (actually Old Dan Tucker we have discovered), and I said I liked Tucker, and he said he did too. So it was Tucker. We want all our kids to have family names for middle names, and were choosing one from my side this time. DH suggested my middle name which I strongly vetoed, it is Danish and difficult to spell and pronounce. He also suggested my dad's name, David, but I just didn't feel like it. But my dad's dad was awesome, he passed away when I was 6. But his first name was Donald, and yeah, not a fan, so we used his middle name, so he is Tucker Reed.

DS#2--We both liked Abram. I actually had it on my list from before we got married, and he suggested it this time. Smile We struggled with middle names, but again, wanted family names, one from each side. DH's dad is Ronald, and as with Donald, not a huge fan. So we chose his middle name, Hunt (his mother's maiden name), and it just flowed right, so it is Abram Hunt. And can I just say how cute it is that Bram knows his full name, and when you ask him he says, "A-um Hunt _____". LOVE it!

DS#3, We were struggling for the second boys name, and I had a few on a list, one of my friends was visiting while I was still on home bedrest and asked names, and I said I liked Wyatt (among others) and she said, "Please don't do Wyatt" and my older two heard and really wanted Wyatt, from "Super Why", and they just wouldn't let go of that name. DH was not a big fan either. lol. But it stuck. I wish I had known how popular it was, the rest of my kids have names not in the top 100, and we have a very common last name, so I didn't want super common ones, but his name fits him. His middle name is John, because my maternal great grandfather was named John (Johannes before he emigrated) and he had a twin brother also, but his twin died in a farming accident at about 14. Anyhow, I thought it would be cool to have the twin thing in common, and it works because MIL's grandfather was also a John, so it covers both sides. Smile

As to nicknames Brileee is: Brilee-girl and baby girl (she hates Bri or Briles lol)
Tucker is: Tuck, Tuckerdoodle, Tuckman, Tuckerboy, Tuckaroo, I could go on and on and on. lol
Abram is: Bram (but only by me thus far, but I LOVE that nickname, hoping it will catch on!), Abram-Babram (like the Babraham Lincoln thing from Wayne's world lol), and sometimes Abe (though I try to avoid that, since I don't find it as cute, and my nephew is Gabe).
Wyatt is: Wy, and Wy-Wy.

and all my boys are bubba, buddy, bud, etc. And all four are baby, punkin, sweetheart, etc.

Wow, that was lengthy! Sorry!

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My husband picked my son's name. He likes to watch football and one of the presenters on tv over here (I'm in th UK) kept saying "Nice name Nate" everytime this one player played. And i think it was because he had a son called Nate. Anyway, he suggested it, and I liked it too. So we named him Nathaniel James (James is DH's name) and call him Nate. Its not a common name over here at all. As for nicknames, I call him Natey.
As for my DD. DH had suggested Alice when I was pregnant with my son, before we found out he was a boy. I really didn't like it at all then. But then second time around, I was just hung up on it and couldn't think of anything else I liked better! It was just her name! And of coarse, DH had gone off it by then. It took us a week after she was born to decide on her middle name, which is Kathryn. I really wanted it to be Ellen, after my grandmother on my dad's side who was Mary-Ellen. But DH hated it. And second choice for me was Rose, after my other grandma, he hated that too. He wanted Kate, for no particular reason. I didn't think Alice Kate sounded so great so I compromised and went with Kathryn. My nickname for her is Ali-cat

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Parker Smith - My husband and his brother have English working names (Tyler and Cooper), so we followed that tradition. Smith is my MIL's maiden name and my husband's middle name.

Madelyn Elizabeth - We really liked the name to begin with, but my husband's great grandmother's name was Madelynde. I did not really like that spelling, so we stuck with Madelyn. Elizabeth is my late great aunt's name and my middle name.

Charlotte Jean - Charlotte is just a name that we really liked. Jean is my mother's middle name.

My kid's don't really have nicknames other than silly names we just use around the house.

We already have names picked out for #4 as well if we decide to have another. Smile

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"rachelrazzle" wrote:

My oldest dd is Brilee, dh's name is Brian Lee ____, so I made it from his name. I thought I was being all original, but I've heard it a fair amount since. But her name is special because she is named after her daddy. She loves her name, even though we get misspellings and mispronunciations a ton (but heck, we get those with my name too!). Smile Her middle name is Arlene, after dh's paternal grandma who passed away about a year before dd was born. She was a super sweet lady, so even though it was not my fave name, it has grown on me, because of who Arlene was.

I love this!!!!

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Arlene is my moms name. But I find it hard to flow with girls names- ya know for future possibly names. But I love everyones names. Names are so tough. I know right before Tommys U/S I flipped on the girls names we picked and suddenly didnt like any of them. Although now they are back in my list. So thankfully he was a he and I didnt have to make that decision. lol.

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How did you decide on your LO's name(s) and do s/he have any nicknames?

Wellll...maybe you shouldn't have asked this...its a very long and boring story!
My 1st ds I wanted to call Cameron Nicholas but hubby hated it so He wrote out a list of names he liked and I picked out the two names I liked Riley Logan.
My ds 2 had a few names before we found the 1...He was first Lucas Ryan,then I decided Lucas could be made in to pucas so I thought maybe James Ryan,hubby hated it so I took the name Ryan(he loved Me not so much) and my deceased brothers/Moms and MIl's middle name Lee/ and made him Ryan Lee.
My 3rd son was Adam Morgan(Morgan is my hubbies mid name...he needed convincing to use it as he hated his mid name!) I thought of having his initials match his older brothers and be Rowan Lucas but my hubby of course disagreed.
My last and only DD was easy enough to pick out. I wanted Ava Marie (Ava was a Hungarian name which is what I am and Marie is my mil's deceased sisters middle name. Plus her initials would match her older bro) but hubby didn't like Ava; so I used the name Julia we had picked out since we were expecting number 2...back then I wanted the name Julia Isabelle but the twilight series ruined that! pheeeewwwwwwiiiieee!

Nicknames....sigh...my oldest son says I am unlike all the other mom's because I give them weird nicknames.

Riley is Ri log,Ri ta-bogon, Ri hofferon, Ri caflusen ,Ri coffin, RI RI....
Ryan is Ryan GE GE , Leeburger, gee gee burger,gee burger, mr leapburg creepburg...
skinny man...
Adam is Tinks as a baby when he cried he would look all wrinkly so I used to sing the song skiddiamarinkie wrinkie dink and then called him dinkies then tinkies now tink.
Julia I call jewels,joy etta, princess grumpy, pony tail princess, bulia,bulietta...gosh too many to say.

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Mine is a book!

DS1: We had chosen the names Nathaniel for a boy or Rose or Lily for a girl. When we found out we were having a boy, DH told his parents our prospective name, and his dad vetoed it. To this day, I have no idea why he doesn't like that name, but he was vehemently against it. DH is really close to his parents, so we had to let him have his way. We decided to go Biblical and start with gospel writers. I wasn't keen on Matthew or Mark or Luke at the time, and I didn't like John, but Sean, the Irish equivalent of John, sounded good to me and was a nod to my grandpa, who was 100% Irish. Continuing on the Biblical theme, we decided to use Archangel names for middle names. I had a bad sugar problem, hypoglycemia, which went away completely when I was expecting Sean. We decided to go with Raphael, because he was the healing archangel. DH's parents also were insistent on keeping his first name in a part of his children's names. It's a part of their culture, so we just tacked his name at the end of it all. Sean Raphael Reeve.

DS2: Right after Sean was born, DH said he wanted to continue the convention, gospel writer + archangel, and he said our next son's name will be Luke Gabriel. When we found out we were expecting a boy for the second time, that's what we went with. I don't remember what our prospective girl name was at that time. Luke Gabriel Reeve.

DD: Our boy name would have been Mark Michael, but we were overjoyed when we found out we were finally getting a girl! I wanted the name Lily, but DH thought it was too common. He wanted Isabelle, after both of his grandmas (one was Isabel, the other Isabella). I had always loved the name Belle, but of course with Twilight Bella and all Isabelle derivatives were (still are) highly common, so I didn't want that to be her first name. My grandma's name is Yvonne Marie. DH's name is Reeve. We decided to tribute my grandma, DH, and both his grandmas by mixing it all up and naming her Eve Isabelle Marie. It wasn't til after she was born that someone pointed out to me that Bella's name in Twilight was Isabella Marie. I promise I've never read the book, so I didn't know about her middle name.

Nicknames? Sean has been Seanu (pronounced Shah-noo) and Seanie (Shah-nee). Luke is Lukie. Sometimes I call him Lucas Xavier (I don't know where that came from, but I think it's funny--Luke is not amused Lol ). Eve is Evie, Eva, Bella, Bellita, Bella Marie, Eve Marie (she gets called that when she's in trouble), Evie Belle, Lady Bug, Lady, and Lily (yeah, I can't let that name go). Also Lily Bellita and Lily Belle. They are all Honey, Baby, Sweetie, and even Dear.

I love names. I fantasize if I were to have twins some day, I'd name them Mark Michael and Matthew Joseph or Rose Elise and Leia Etoile or Mark Michael and Miri Rose. I probably have too much time on my hands ROFL

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Seeing that we have a difficult last name and I am a teacher it was very hard to pick one that we agreed on. It either sounded bad with our name or I had a student that it reminded me of that I didn't want to be thinking of haha.

DH suggested it one day and I kept playing it through my head and so then we just loved Avery and her middle name is after my MIL's middle name of Elizabeth.

Nicknames are Ave, Aves, and Ave Liz which is my favorite

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Our story is kinda lame. We agreed on a boy name right away, Aiden Matthew. DH's name is matthew and we both just really like Aiden. But for girls names, it took us FOREVER to find a name we could agree on. I wanted Avery.. but DH hated it. He wanted Annie, but that was my grandmothers name and I didn't want to start naming my kids after people. I was afraid it would start a fight in my family, like "why did you name her after so and so and not after so and so" My mother is really like that, so I just wanted to avoid that situation. We came up with the name Hailey after watching tv.. we were watching criminal minds and one of the characters wife's name was Hailey. We both kind of when "huh.. I like that name" So it stuck. For her middle name, DH wanted something really simple, old fashioned and easy to spell (he is a horrible speller). We were having a hard time coming up with a name that wasn't already in the family and we were out a a resturant for supper one night and our waitress name was Lynn. That was a simple name that wasn't in our family, so we went with that!

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Love hearing everyone's name stories!!

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We picked our names because we like them! Smile We wanted Biblical names (which "Noel" is actually not in the Bible anywhere but is associated with Christianity so close enough) and, mostly because of my mother, we did NOT want to do family names. She is constantly giving me suggestions and so I knew that if we started that, it would be a competition as to how many of HER family names we used, etc. etc. Although we had some great choices to go w/, we just didn't do it.

For Micaiah, we both liked Micah but felt it was too common so we found Micaiah and stuck with it.
For Noel, again, we both just liked it and it's not common. We like uncommon names.
Both kids have "P" middle names (Philip and Patience). We just liked Philip and decided to do some sort of connection with the middle names.

I call Micaiah - Mr. Micaiah, Mr. Micaiah Man, buddy, bud
I call Noel - Noel-lee, little stinks, stinks, Stinks McGee (that's her gang name ;), little girl, sweet baby, sweet girl, my beautiful, etc. etc.

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