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QOTW 7.31

Oops a day late!

Are your LO's still napping- and if so how long?

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Until last month it was 3 hours but since he has been potty trained it has fallen between 1.5 to 2.5. Hope it gets a bit longer again!

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Not really. Sad Though she still really needs it. She does have the odd one here or there. Mostly at very inconvenient times, like after 4pm, and usually after a complete meltdown. And usually on me too. And now when she naps, she's a complete nightmare to put to bed in the evenings. Took me till after 10 the other night to get her down, and that was with screaming for 3 whole hours!

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we were around 3 hours. Last week it was anywhere from 40 mins to 2 hours. He caught a cold the Monday night and has had 2 days of 2 hour naps. I found longer than 2 hours, he is a bear to get down at night. So feeling like 2 hours is still enough for all of us! hoping they continue.

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Still napping 2 hours a day. He sleeps 11 hours at night too.

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Hi ladies!!!....Sorry Ive been MIA....

Charlies not napped for AGES!!!....and when I say ages I mean at least 6mnths if not 9mnths....Ive never had a child not nap at this age still, but Im used to it now...He just seems to not need as much sleep as my others, although he is far more active than the other 2 were...He sleeps for 11hrs at night, buI found if he had a nap in the day, he would go to bed at 8pm and STILL BE AWAKE at 10pm, he would just lay in his bed chatting and we didnt feel like we were getting any down time to ourselves at night, so we dropped the day nap...BUT if he is very tired, unwell or had a bad night I will put him down for a nap, but thats only happend maybe 4 times....

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1 1/2 to 2 hours during the day. The good thing is, if she misses her nap, she's usually not too terrible.