share your 2010 child!

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share your 2010 child!

Julia Marie

likes- mommy time all the time,dora the explorer,pestering her brothers,playground and outside time,food,juice,baths and getting her bros off the bus.coloring with special crayons ment for certain papers only!

hates-being woke up,being away from mom,her toddler bed,staying still,straw cups,water in her eyes,shoes/socks on inside house/car,being scolded,being buckled in her carseat,her bros pestering her,strangers.....sigh...a few more i cant think of!

emerging skills- talking in full sentances...singing songs....sleeping in her own crib....listening on the first direction.

share away plz;)

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Tommy 21 months

Likes: mom 24/7, MILK, any animals- his BFF is a 200lb Newfie named Moose at my parents house, trucks, wheels, being outside all the time, balls, sticking his tongue to show you his tongue, bologna, making car noises, speaking gibberish, climbing all over the couches, blankie, clapping when he does something right

dislikes: food, juice, diaper changes- by mommy only, water in eyes, dirty hands, not being allowed to go outside, being woken up, strangers, sleep, eating with utensils, sandals

emerging skills: new words- I think we are up to 20 words so far and showing more effort in the last week alone, he picks up on things after one try- we showed him the trash can outside today then a few hours later asked him to throw something away and he went right to it, better at sleeping when not sick, is getting better at eating

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Alice Kathryn: 2 on the 8th of July

Likes: In the Night Garden, babies, books, cars, juice, slides, Mickey Mouse, copying everything her brother does, toilet paper, shoes, pigtails, and toots (she finds them hysterical, and has to say "toot!" and point to her bum if she's done it, or say who ever else did it! Yeah, she's a real lady, lol!)

dislikes: being dirty, bread, riding in her stroller even if its way too far for her to walk! and the word "no"

emerging skills: she's started to say her own name! She's got an amazing vocabulary (probably normal, but compared to my son who hardly said a word till he was 2, I'm impressed!) and she can eat with a fork and a knife

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Abram 28mo

likes: trains, all things trains (books, movies, toys, etc). They don't know yet, but we are going to Day Out with Thomas in a month or so! :). Candy, throwing kicking screaming tantrums, talking (and needing you to restate everything the says lol), tv (probably a little too much), taking anything from his brother that he can, saying, "Go Away" to anyone that annoys him, and playing outside.

dislikes: anyone changing his diaper besides mom, sitting on the potty, being told no, having to share (though he is actually really good at it), and sleeping in his bed.

emerging skills: He has always been a little monkey with climbing, but he is getting scarily better, like he can scale our chain link fence super fast!! :shock: He is super coordinated at all things gross motor so as he fits into his little body better he just moves faster. And his speech continues too amaze us. He is definitely the most well spoken of our four kids (comparatively at the same age).

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Wyatt 28mo

likes: juice (the kid wants "deuce" all day long, momma, sitting on the potty, snuggles, playing outside, art (he loves to paint and draw on the phone, computer, paper, anything, he is always asking for my phone, "daw!", screaming at the top of his lungs, especially in the middle of the night lol, and watching Wonder Pets.

dislikes: his brother taking things from him, anyone changing his diaper besides mom, mommy leaving him (his twin waves and says "Bye mom", being told no, and eating.

emerging skills: his speech is really improving the last month or so, we can understand more of what he says and he is actually trying to say things, He has great fine motor skills, he can hold a writing utensil perfectly and can build train tracks or with blocks with the greatest of ease.

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Noah 27mos

likes: Mickey Mouse, playing outside, anything he can do by himself (I DO IT!) sitting on the potty, being with Mommy in the bathroom,flushing the toilet, baths, driving on the lawnmower with Daddy, going shopping, riding the train at the mall, visitting Daddy at work, bandaids

dislikes: trying anything new (food wise) not being able to do what he wants, when he wants, coming inside after playing outside (holy temper tantrums!) eating dinner

emerging skills: he's pretty good with steps but still needs a little work on the "wobbliness", (fell backwards onto the sidewalk a few days ago... I caught him so he didn't hit his head and it just kinda scared him) he's got the 2 word sentences down but the three word sentences are a little rough, sharing... being that he's the one and only in our house, when he has kids his age over (which is rare) he really has a problem with letting go of his favorite toys (bike, computer...)

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Colin 21 months

Likes: Mommy, cars, trucks, cars, dogs/cats, anything with wheels, cars, Bubble Guppies, most food, doing anything his big sister does, reading books (alone or with someone), water (bath time, swimming, playing with water in the sink), swings

Dislikes: Diaper changes, being woken up, having something done for him (on an independent streak), being told no, not being around his sister (where's Georgia every 5 seconds)

Emerging Skills: Jumping, speech - definitely learning words more frequently

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Alexis Sophia 26 months, almost 27..

Likes: Animals, Books, Yo Gabba Gabba, Olivia, Coloring, playing outside (she loves finding things hidden in the grass), picking flowers, going for walks, riding in her stroller, going for rides in the car (she loves when the sun roof is open), talking on the phone.

Dislikes: fuzzballs lol, beef, dolls (except for cabbage patch dolls), thats about it....shes a fairly happy little munchkin.

Emerging Skills: She is able to jump higher, she can say 4-5 word sentences (shes very verbal), she can recite her numbers to 10 and actually count items up to 5, she can recite her ABC's, she knows her first and last name. We are also working on drawing circles.

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Isobel Grace, 22 months this weekend

Likes: Mommy, Nana, the fur babies, playing outside, coloring (aka making mommy color), dancing and listening to music, helping Mommy clean, dipping food in ketchup, arranging her little people, M&Ms (thank you Nana and Papa), Elmo/Sesame Street, Chasing/playing tag, hiding in curtains, throwing trash in the garbage can., having her own bag if we go shopping.

Dislikes: taking a bath in the tub alone (Mommy has to be int he water too), sitting on the potty (I try and she cries, so potty training is really not even on our radar right now), eating good food, being told no, loud vehicle noises (garbage truck, train whistles, etc.), riding in her bike trailer, having things on her head, trying new things without having time to observe.

Emerging Skills: talking in short (2-3 words) sentences, learning shapes and colors, her fine motor skills are really great too-she's held a pencil/crayon correctly for many months, she's starting to follow directions and requests fairly well (cleaning toys up, getting things for mommy, waiting for me or for help).

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Jake is just a really really easy, compliant kid. He is a lover, and super affectionate. Very independent, he can entertain himself for hours. His siblings (4 and 5) dote on him and he lives to entertain them and make them laugh. As you can see, he loves to eat and he's a great sleeper. It sounds like bragging, but its really just awe ~ I feel so lucky~ all third babies should be like this ~ he makes my life so easy and I love having my "dates" with just him every day while my older kids are in school. He is a total lovebug.

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William 28 months
Likes: trains, cars and anything else with wheels, Legos, grapes, watermelon, music, dancing, riding his bike, climbing anything he can, the water, books, coloring, painting and any other messy art project, Starfall on Mommy's computer, Fireman Sam and Cars, all animals, but especially our yellow lab, Kayla
Dislikes: loud noises (i.e. the fire alarm, lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, etc.), being told no, vegetables, being woken up too early, Mommy leaving him anywhere (like the nursery at church), anything hot
Emerging skills: He is recently night potty trained (day trained at 20 months), so no more diapers for us, HOORAY! Can count to 15 before starting to jumble the numbers, one to one correspondence up to 5, can say his ABC's and identify a few letters and knows all his shapes, but we just mastered colors in the last week or two. He's also doing great with puzzles and building with his brother's big boy Legos and can slide down the pole on the playground on his own (talk about giving me a heart attack!)

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Dalton Reed 7/2/2010

Likes: Blanky (nursing). His Mommy and his Daddy, and his Pappa. Dinosaur Train, Trains, Trains with dinosaurs in them, Dinosaurs on trains. Playing in the dirt (and getting dirty as possible) all things WET and water! Dinosaur Train. Pop tarts and mommies water cup! Playing with his big brothers, turning lights on and off, and singing and dancing whenever a good song comes on! Dinosaur Train.

Hates: Being told no! Brother not letting him steal his toys. Sprinklers, house flies, and strangers! Anything green to eat AT ALL... Having his face wiped off and diaper changes when there are better things to do (which is always)

Emerging Skills: Patching together some sentences now! Can and WILL climb on anything standing still. Can color with crayons (no markers!) and will even try to make play-doh figures. He counts to 3 and will do his best to sing the words to his favorite songs! Can buckle himself into the wagon. Best of all? His listening skills are improving LOL!

Personality: He is just an absolute lover. Aside from the obligatory scrapping with his brothers? He just loves. He is hardly ever in a mood, and if he is you know something is really wrong! He is also a total goofer, and loves to make people laugh. Class clown!!!