Soother tips? (for new baby)

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Soother tips? (for new baby)

We have not yet ventured to take ds's soother away but ....

all tips and suggestions welcome. Bailey is 5 days old and:
introducing soother - any tips? *
DS became dry soother dependent so had hoped to not use a soother but tonight she has had a huge increase in the need to suckle.
Wih DS some of the mistakes we made were a) giving it to him all the time and not just when he seemed to specifically need it (we have an urge to think it will help when they are crying without seeing if there is something else like cuddling that would work first) and popping it back in his mouth whenever he had popped it out.

A) days and nights are backwards. Almost no awake time during day and much more time awake at night. So I will try and stimulate her during day to reverse that.*
Dirol active night time bowels - hopefully will reverse once days and nights cleared up

(330am and we have slept 1.5 hours due to crying and feedings and poops).*

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I am sorry. I have no real advice as DS never took to soothers. But wanted to wish you luck and hope you figure out whats right for both your LOs! Hope you get some rest soon!

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Charlie s my first (of 3) that had a soother, Ive never been keen on them....In my eyes if they dont need it why give them one...After having Charlie, who screamed all of his awake hrs till he was 5mnths old and nothing settled him, I realised there is totally a place in this world for soothers...
If your new little one can go without it then I say go for it!!!....Mush easier than the troubles we are prob both about to experience with taking the soother away....HAHAHA...Im really not looking forward to it!!!!....
Ive been told to just do it cold turkey and dont turn back...arrggghhh...Charlie is just over 2 now and we are thinking maybe over xmas is the time we will try....HAHAHA....good luck to us, he is sooooo attatched to it....
Im m very firm on when he has it though, once he was 5mnths and the screaming finally stopped, I restricted the soother to ONLY BED TIME...I dont allow him to walk around with it in his mouth, he knows that when he gets out of bed in the morning the soother goes up on the top shelf out of reach...
If you get onto taking the soother away successfully before I do....PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DID IT!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!