Soother Weaning

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Soother Weaning

What age do LO's typically wean off the soother?

DS (21 months today) uses his only at nap time/bed time and in the car (not sure why, but now he loves going in the car-car just so he can have his su-su), so I'm not totally anxious to get rid of it. But, I just saw something about how toddlers can regress, which includes going back to using a soother, and I was surprised that a soother at 21 months would be a regression - I was expecting around 2.5 to begin that fight, not already.

DD never used one, so I'm in unchartered land here. Thoughts?

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We just weaned my Mar 11 baby from her "meme" (binky). For me, she was just becoming too dependent on it - wanted it all the time in the car, would wake at night if it fell out of her mouth, etc. - and we needed to be done.
It was HARD. We gave her binkies away to the Target cashier in exchange for an owl blanket thingie which she really could care less about now but it was the exchange that was important. She still has trouble going to sleep at night and seems to want me more but it's done.

I highly doubt that your son will just wean off of it on his own. I wouldn't rely on him doing that at all. You will probably have to take it away yourself and honestly, the sooner the better. BUT let me say that if you are okay with him having it, then there's no reason to wean him off right now. But the longer you wait, probably the harder it will be.

I weaned my son at around 15 months because I didn't want him to be taking the baby's when she came along 9 months later and it was SO much easier than my daughter at 24 months.

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We weaned Lexi off of hers about a month ago, what we told her was that the Easter bunny came and brought her toys and goodies and in exchange he took her pacifiers for his baby bunnies at home. She was completely ok w/it...for a few nights she took a litle longer to go to bed but she is doing great now. She will sometimes ask for it and we will ask her if she knows where it is and she will say "yes, at the baby bunnies house" and then she usually follows it up by asking to go to their house lol

We did it mostly bc we were concerned about her teeth going out of shape bc of it. Our next big step is the toddler bed.

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Ugh, I'm right there with you. My DD (21 months, about to turn 22) has been on nap-and-night-ONLY since last August, and just the past two months or so, has started regressing into wanting it all the time again...I'm really wishing I'd weaned her when she wasn't so attached, but sleep time didn't seem like a big deal, so I missed my window. Sigh, live and learn. Anyway, even though she begs I still don't let her have it other than in her bed (or while we're reading books about to get in bed) but now we're into a new sleep phase I don't want to mess with, so I don't really want to tackle it right now that we're all SLEEPING, finally....I'm thinking maybe this summer.

I like the exchange idea, though--someone else said they did it at Easter or Christmas or something by exchanging with Santa or the Easter Bunny or whatever for big girl toys...I like that idea too. My niece weaned right around two when they got a new dog who kept eating them! Whatever works...

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Ugh. I've been debating on this very thing. I'm starting to think that it's time. He's down to having his paci at nap and bed. I think I want to have it done before we move. It's a big move, and I'd rather not have taking the paci away to worry about while we're getting settled. I'm contemplating moving him to his big boy bed at that time, so I think that would be too much change for him all at once. Man, I wish DH didn't work so much. I'd love to be able to talk to him about things like this...

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We took Ryken's away when he was 22 months. It went pretty well. He cried pretty hard the first night and then asked for it occasionally after that- maybe for a week or two. Sully seems to be VERY attached to his. He has it quite a bit during the day too. We were going to take it away this past weekend, but totally forgot. We're going to be out of town the next 2 weekends, so maybe the weekend after that? I'd like to do it on a weekend, so DH is here during the day with me. I think it's going to be hell with Sully.

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Great topic. Will has his mostly just at nap and bedtime but it is such a part I sleeping for him that I am really dreading taking it away. But baby number two arrives in 3 months and I don't want him to steal te soothers from the baby. Sigh. He will also be moving into a new room and bed over the next month or so. Lots of changes coming.

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Ohhh Julie, good luck. Tommy never got attached to a soother. But I do have a friend with 3yo twins who at Xmas had Santa tell them to get rid of their paci's and it would. they popped them out and threw them away. But they understand a bit more at 3 vs 21 months. But I agree only do it if its the right choice for you guys. Good luck!

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DH and I have argued many times over this. Hailey has a soother (soosie as she calls it) and she used to never ask for it during the day, but over the past 2 months or so she constantlyhas it in her mouth or is crying for soosie. We stopped letting her have it during the day about a month ago, and still everyday she cries for it. If she is busy playing or something she is ok, but if she sees a baby with a soother, or even a picture of a baby with on, she freaks out. We still let her have one at sleep times though. DH says that on her second bday we getting rid of all of them... I don't really agree with this. I feel that it's her comfort item, and don't really see anythign wrong with it when she is sleeping. I think it's going to be reeeeally hard to break her off her soosie.

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Hmmm, so we all have the same issue here! At least I know I'm not the only one with a soother baby!

I have always been very strict that the "susu" is only for in the crib (although we now hide it in a drawer because he learned how to fetch it from his crib). The only exception is that I have one tethered to his car seat, but he's rarely in the car so I don't see that one being an issue. Oh...and when he's sick, no holds barred (he can have it whenever, wherever).

Tori729 - I definitely don't expect him to self wean - I know this will be a mommy-led process...I guess I was more concerned about when to start the process. I don't want him to be 4 and needing it, but is it really necessary at 21 months?

Trixiepixie - I'm glad to hear of a success story, but Lexi is 5 months older than Colin, so maybe waiting a bit is a good idea? I'm thinking that he just wouldn't grasp the concept of giving it to someone (other than it being a short term game). Maybe in those extra 4-5 months I could reason with him for a bit Smile

Thanks ladies!

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My boys were not terribly attached to theirs. It was nice that they took them at all, since my older two never really did. But they mostly self weaned at 6mo or so.

Hopefully it will go well when Colin is ready. Smile

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I was dreading taking away my son's when he was a baby. We went cold turkey when he was 21 months. And it was fine. Alice on the other hand, I tried one night. but just couldn't do it. And now she's getting the 2 year molars. Blah! She only has them for naps and bed time. The rest of the time they are up high where she can't get them, else she would have them all the time! She asks for them when she goes to sleep. Anyway, I've decided to wait till she's got those molars in and then they are gone!