Stitches :(

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Stitches :(

Well, yesterday our little rough and tumble daughter thought it would be a good idea to try and balance on top of this toy dump truck at daycare (apparently she has accomplished this task before) well it rolled out from under her and she ate the tile floor. She ended up cutting her chin open bad enough DH had to pick her up and take her to the Dr. ( I was being held hostage by my work) They gave her two stitches and she goes back friday to have them removed. I am a little irritated that her daycare would let her stand on top of a toy, much less one with wheels but I know that in a classroom of about 8 kids and two teachers accidents will happen, but still irritating.

I picked up her favorite dinner and got her some ice cream (she also bit her tongue in the process) since it was a pretty traumatic event for her. I didnt know this but they have to put kids in this straightjacket type thing to give them stitches Sad So the whole time all she did was scream for Daddy to hold her and he couldnt Sad She seemed to be in pretty good spirits though when I got home which was nice to see.

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Poor Lexi! That just stinks. I would be annoyed that they hadn't stopped her the first time she attempted it. My boys climb on things, but I discourage it at every chance I get. Hope she heals quickly!

at about 18mo my nephew swallowed a watch battery. My sis needed to take him to the hospital to have it removed. We met her up there, and she was just sobbing because they would not let her in the room (this was 15yrs ago) and he was screaming for Mommy while they fetched out. Those kind of parenting moments just suck! I bet that was rough on your dh!

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Oh no! I hope the ice cream makes things better... in her eyes. Poor kiddo! I would probably me upset with day care too. Friday isnt far away so hopefully the removal of the stitches will go alot better!

I cracked my head up at 2 and my mom (still to this day) says it took 4 nurses and the doctor to hold me down just to stick me for the numbing stuff. I faired fine.

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Poor thing! Oh that would have been so heartbreaking Sad Glad she is ok!

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Poor kiddo, and poor daddy. What a scary situation! I would definitely be upset with the daycare, they should have enough adults in the room to at least be watching all of the kids, and her climbing on that shouldn't have been allowed to happen more than once. I'm glad to hear she's okay, though, and hope she's not too traumatized by the event!

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Its very hard to watch all the children all the time...I know from experience, the little one in my care fell over the back of my couch, no injuries THANK GOD, and then about 30mins later was climbing on somthing else she shouldnt be and fell and whacked her head on my boys wooden garage and it left a huge bruise and lump across her eye brow and bridge of her nose....Both times I was only about 5 steps way from her putting lunch box stuff in the fridge....
But yes if she had been seen doing it before, it should be discourgaged...standing on things with wheels is never a good thing....EVEN AS AN ADULT HAHAHA....

Im surprised they stitched....Over here they glue and butterfly stitch...its fast and almost painless, much less trama on them AND mums and dads!!!!.....Do they glue over there????

Glad she seems un tramatised but it all....If shes anything like my kids she will return there a bit weary of the dr....Or anyone that looks like one....

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Yikes, what a crappy thing to happen. It's so easy to question why the daycare would "let" her stand on it, but as I myself have earned several "bad mother of the year awards", I get how easy it is for things to happen. Hopefully it's not a chronic issue there.

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awww!! so sorry...had to be bad for you and her!!

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Poor lovie! We have escaped stitches thusfar but I have no doubt that they are in our future ~ by 6 I think my brother had had them 3 or 4 times Smile I managed to escape them till 12, but have gotten them about 8 times since.

Hope that the cut is healing well and not itching her too badly ~ sorry that you had to go through that and I think that the ice cream was a wonderful idea!