Summer is coming....

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Summer is coming....

And that means bathing suit season is here....

BUT I know most women I know are not satisfied with how they look and most dont talk about it either. SO I thought I would throw it out there and ask you ladies. From having babes about two years ago, are you down to you PP weight? Are you happy with how you look now? What are your current hang ups? What is your current exercise routine?

I know these are personal questions, and am not looking for anyone to put anyone down or judge- which we are good group here so I know that wont happen. Just was curious as I had a convo with my VP about it, she is 6 months PP and is trying to figure out how she feels after baby. And we both said it seems like no one really discusses it.

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Like I said -my VP and I discussed it and I think alot of people think others are happy with how they look when thats probably incorrect. For me, I am down 13lbs from my PP weight and have maintained that for the last year and a half. I hate exercising, kinda think its pointless since I cant get immediate results(I am impatient!). But no -I am not happy with how I look. I get comments from others that I should be happy but that doesnt mean my thoughts and feelings dont count, ya know? I am going to hit up the gym again next week with some friends at work in hopes I can stick to it. Thinking of running (BLAH!). But I am definitely not looking forward to bathing suit time, and I always loved being in the pool and laying out. I think I just have a distorted view of how i looked before baby. So for me, I will I could get rid of the little love handles I now have and my inner thighs. I realize it takes work to look better but working out is not appealing to me! haha! I would like to get in better shape so next baby I can start off with a better image in my head and keep the preggo weight under 35lbs. lol!

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I had a c-section with Noah so I have that "extra belly" going on... I'm actually a few lbs below what I was when I got pg with him but I feel like a beached whale. I think my DH has seen me in a bathing suit once since we've gotten married (we were married in 2006 so it was waaaaaaaaaay skinnier) I hate that once you're comfy in a relationship, you tend to eat worse and take less care of yourself... when we were dating, I was a size 4 or 6... I'm now anywhere between an 8 and a 10.
I don't have any excercise routine what so ever... now that summer is here, I hope to peel off a few lbs but it's gotten so bad that I think I only own maybe 3 pair of shorts... I stick to capris to hide the imperfections...
Geez, writing this makes me feel sad... gotta get that pre-preg body back!! Sad

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Well, I just had my last baby 8 months ago, but I'm fairly comfortable with how I look. I'm not terribly in love with my stretch-mark riddled belly, hips, or thighs, but I still put on a bikini (we were in Aruba in March), and don't really think twice about it. I'm actually about 15lbs less than PP with my first child. I don't have an exercise regime at the moment, but I really wish I did. I've done one session of pilates since having Lio, and I am going to sign up for the summer. I tried doing Boot Camp, which I freaking loved, but since DH travels so much it just wasn't working since it's at 6am and no one wants to babysit that early. Wink I do plan to start running with the kiddos...I just need to motivate myself to do it.

I don't know. I went through a period where I really hated my post partum body (happened to also be going through PPD, too, though), but now I'm pretty comfortable with it. It might not be "perfect" in the eyes of the media, but that's okay. My husband loves it, my babies love it, and everyone else can piss off. Wink But I am human, and totally have days where I wish my tummy were absolute flat, or that my thighs didn't jiggle quite so much...

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I'm ready for the bikini next weekend at the beach but I'm one of those people who loves to exercise as it helps me keep happy with three young kids. I weigh what I did when we were dating. I got lucky to avoid stretch marks, but now that I'm done nursing my boobs are slightly depressing (they're just kind of......deflated?). It just is what it is. They served me well many happy months of nursing so I try to just be grateful for that. I'm thinking about getting a breast augmentation but first have to decide if we are going for that 4th or not.

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Melissa, I have deflated boobs too....and Eve still nurses twice a day. I miss my full-breastfeeding days. My boobs were fantastic then (even a year ago).

As for the rest of me, I think I'm down to my prepregnancy with Eve weight, but it was my third pregnancy, and I had not lost all the weight from my first two pregnancies. I go to Zumba twice a week and Aqua Zumba once a week, and now that our pool club is open I'm going for just general swims and pool play with the family for about an hour twice a week. I still have about 20 lbs to lose to get to my original-before-all-my-babies-weight, but I'd be happy and at a wonderfully healthy weight if I only lose 10 more lbs. I don't think I'll ever wear a bikini again, but I'm fine with tankinis (they cover the roadmap that is all my stretch marks). Also, I'm getting terrible bloat in the time between ovulating and AF (as in it looks like I'm several months expecting). It just started with my last cycle, so maybe there's some weird hormonal shifting going on--so, yeah, tankinis are the only thing you'll see me in, especially during that time frame Lol

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Im below pre-preggo weight but still on the heavy side...Im not fat but I have streachies and some dimples I would like to not show the whole world! Before I had any pregnancies I was about 130lbs now I am 140-145...I still retain some weight from my 1st and 3rd son's.

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I am 5'7 and weighed 155 when we started dating. At my non pre heaviest I got up to 181! I played a tonne of soccer (even at that weight but have been. Size 12-14 for 10 years now. My pre peg weights were 167 and 171.
I would like to get down a bit lower after this preg is over (160?) but I decided while preg with ds1 that I was wasti too much energy hiding my rolls and stressing about it when clothes shoppin and that I would be nicer to myself from now on. I had two ther experiences /conversations that drove that home for me. One was a girls weekend where only my sister and I out of 8 girls went in our cabins hitting because the others thought they were too fat (if you can't get in a swimsuit with your best friends who can you do it with). A second incident was post DS I invited two close friends to the pool with their kids and they both said no and that they were no putting on a swim suit until they lost more weight. (one was a former model and had a body any of us would kill for even wih the extra pounds). I thought it was sad that they were willing to miss out on these memories and moments wih their kids.
So my motto is I don't care what anyone else. I am only going to live once and I am going to get out there and enjoy every moment with my kid. No one is perfect, everyone has hangups. Especially if I am not willing to exercise or eat better (which I am not bad about) then i really need to own up to the result of a flabby body!
(not to mention you then have a family emergency and everything falls into perspective and you are reminded of what is truly important - like living each day!).
Besides there is always someone who looks worse than me at the pool!

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So I'm close to PP...maybe 1-2lbs more, but I was about 5lbs heavier than I wanted to be when I got pregnant, so I'm about 7 more than I want to be. However, since I've started running, I'm sure that some of that is fat to muscle conversion weight (or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

I can't seem to lose that baby pouch though - much harder after the second, for sure. Legs are looking toned, so I guess that's half the battle?!!

As far as the bathing suit - I've been doing parent and tot swimming for the past 6 weeks, so I've been forced to wear a bathing suit. If I suck it in I feel ok...but I have to remember to do it!! I am wearing a full suit vs. a tankini for the first time in years, but mainly because I really like the cut, which I typically don't find happens with one pieces. Anything to hide the spare tire is ideal Smile

I did read something on fb recently about how you should think of every wrinkle and stretch mark (of which I thankfully have none) as reminders of the baby that you carried, and that you should wear them with pride. There were tons of comments that supported that notion, and I felt so superficial thinking bleck I can't stand the extra rolls and pudge!

Anyways, I agree with jaimelr - there's always someone who looks worse than me at the pool!!!

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I agree with that notion as well Julie. But I find I have to constantly tell myself that. I am happy the very few stretchies I got you cant even see. Its just hard to think back to those PP days and remember what I felt like? Ya know? I also think age plays a role bigger than pregnancy. I feel like as I get older I am going to be in a one piece suit and I just dont wanna! I remmeber my mom rocked a bikini into her 40s no problem. I hope to do the same. And I hate the compliment of "you look great for having a kid" no- I want to look good for me, sounds like the complient is kinda a negative one when its intended to be something nice. Gym plan is next week for me. Got 2 others at my work signed up with me, so I now have gym buddies. So bring on the heat (outside) I will wear my 2 piece and try my darnest to feel good!

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I am very self conscious about swimsuit season. In high school I was over weight - standing at 5'6" and roughly 170 pounds... then I went to college and was more active, eating healthier and doing a lot less snacking and managed to get down to about 135-140. I maintained that weight until I was student teaching, and planning a wedding, and buying a house, and getting pregnant, and slowly started to add on the pounds as I wasn't good at juggling stress, all the work, and cooking healthy meals so I ate a lot of take out and had less time to be active. I was heavier than I wanted to be PP, and although I don't know where exactly I was PP, I think I'm close to that now. But my body carries the weight differently--my belly is much softer and riddled with stretch marks, and I have the deflated boobs, too.. I am trying to eat healthier now, more fruits and veggies, less dairy and carbs (OMG I LOVE my carbs Sad ), and have found a exercise plan that I am hoping to start and stick with. My goal is to drop 15-20 pounds overall.

I don't expect I'll be in a bikini any time this year, but maybe next year if I'm diligent!

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Dani- I am a carb junky. I am the worst eater. I just try to keep my calories under a decent amount. That way I can still eat the things I love and am not willing to give up but calories control is the only way to diet for me- I HATE salad and most fruits and veggies. Bread, pasta, potatoes, meat and I am happy. LOL!

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Blech, this is something I struggle with every day as well. I am about 10lbs from my pp both kids weight and 5lbs from pp Noel weight. I've been trying to get it down more with exercising - Just Dance 3 is awesome! But I love food and it's *really* hard for me to diet. I still have a lot of extra pudge around the middle that I hate. I doubt I'll ever wear a bikini again because of all the stretch marks and that's totally fine with me but I'd love to lose some around the middle.
One good thing is that my DH doesn't care and thinks I'm beautiful anyway!