1 month checkup for Max and 4 week PP for me

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1 month checkup for Max and 4 week PP for me

Max's appointment went well. He is 21 inches long (25th Wacko and is 9 lbs 15 oz (50-75th %). She said his weight gain is fantastic. All thanks to momma's milk!

I'm still having some pain when he latches on so we discussed his tongue tie and decided to go ahead and clip it. He did great. He cried more at the Hep B shot than he did with the clip. I can already tell a difference in nursing him.

My appointment went well too. I'm 15 lbs down from my pre-pregnancy weight which is awesome. I'm also going to start the mini pill as well. Hoping that doesn't do anything to my supply.

All in all, great appointments for both of us.

Alex on the other hand was HORRIBLE this evening. MIL came over for dinner and was here when I gave him his bath. He threw a MAJOR fit when I was trying towash his hair, kicking and screaming. He never acts like that and I think it was because she was there. DH and I sat him down afterwards and explained that that kind of behavior is not okay. EVER. We gave him a choice of his consequence to be either a spanking (we do spank but we don't have to very often. I know not everyone agrees so please no debates) or going to bed early without watching Franklin or Little Bear. He chose to go to bed early. Thankfully he didn't go to bed without trouble.

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Glad the appt went well and Max did great with getting his tongue clipped!

Sorry Alex was being a handful.

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Sounds like a super appt.

Sorry about Alex acting up but I love your parenting style (letting him choose punishment).