1 week appt and MIA update

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1 week appt and MIA update


On Sunday of this week (Orion would have been 5 days old) we noticed he was extra drowsy, not eating as often and had a dark spot on all of his diapers with his urine. We fed him formula sunday night after I'd nurse to give him extra fluids. I was concerned about dehydration and he was having issues latching with one breast. On Monday we called the dr and got in to see him instead of waiting for our appt on Tues.

He was at the same weight at that point as when he was discharged (6 10, down from 7lbs) but the dr weighs them with clothing and diaper on. ANyway, he said it wasnt bad enough to send him to the hospital for IV or anything, but to keep nursing and supplementing and see a BFing clinic. Everything else for the appt was great - baby is good and healthy! Yay!

So, to get into the clinic I had to call the health nurse and then wait for them to return the call on Tuesday and then get in on Wed morning. They weighed him naked, and he was down to 6lbs 6oz. They gave me a breast shield to use for the breast he didnt latch on and gave me a syringe and tube to use while nursing to get him to latch better and they recommended I pump 8x a day (I had already gotten a pump and was pumping a bit).

So Wed I did everything they said to. I nursed for almost an hour, then gave a bottle when he was still hungry (which was all the time) and pumped for 30-40 min (both breasts, single pump). That took over 2 hours and then I'd have to clean/sterilize the parts and bottles etc and then I'd end up doing it all again.
Oh, and did I mention my DH works 10hr shifts and I have a 2 yr old to watch? So far all week while DH is working I've had to have someone here (mainly my mom & dad) to look after DS and make meals b/c I was so occupied with nursing and unable to do everything myself. Oh and I didnt get much sleep doing this.

Ive been fighting to nurse since he was born. All of this was too much. Last night I gave up.
After a day of not nursing, my one breast is sore and engorged. The other side is still soft and feels empty. (this is the one he wouldnt latch properly on). I dont know why, but 9 days after birth its still empty... so he definitely wasnt getting enough from me.

Fighting with all this nursing stuff was making me depressed and stressed and feeling like I couldnt cope. I dreaded each feeding. I dreaded getting up at night. Today, I could cope. I could smile and laugh and play with DS1. Last night when Orion woke me up to feed at 3am, I was able to get out of bed easily and know he would be fed and happy and I wouldnt be struggling for 2 hours to try and feed him. I feel free of a giant burden. I can care for BOTH my sons & my DH and home, not just my newborn. I dont feel dependent and helpless. I feel good. And I got sleep last night.

So, theres why I've been MIA. I havent picked up my laptop in days. I'm finally on top of things and able to take a few minutes to post. I'm hoping to get my birth story up next Wink
Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through!

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Sorry you were having a rough time and I am glad that you found a resolution! I hope all continues to improve.

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You do what you have to do sometimes... Peace of mind is a big improvement i'll bet. Take it easy.

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Oh hun Sad I hope things are able to resume normality and settle into a good routine soon.

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I'm so sorry you're aving a rough time. We're having some issues as well so I completely understand.

I hope you're able to get through this. Don't beat yourself up. You're doing a terrific job!!