16 weeks

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16 weeks

Yesterday at work I was looking at the calendar and realized I have 16 weeks left till baby arrives. That seemed ok until I thought thats only 16 weekends, yikes. That doesn't seem like enough for everything I want to get done. Being #2 this has gone sooooo much faster than with dd.

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It does seem to go fast. When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought I can't wait until 8 weeks, and then 12, then 16 and then 20. Now that I'm at 20, I just want to try and enjoy before it's over.

I also need to setup a nursery, buy a crib, buy everything...wow, it does get overwhelming when you look at how much time is left.

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Im right there with you ladies!! I hit 24 weeks today...and im like...What?? i dont even have the crib yet!! and to think that i wont even be getting most of the nursery stuff until my shower in June feel crazy!!!

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it is crazy how fast time seems to be flying. I can't believe a bunch of us will be hitting the 3rd trimester, in what a couple of weeks. I am just now starting to feel comfortable with being Pg. lol

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It's crazy! We're selling our house, so I've been distracted lately. I realized a few days ago that this Saturday baby is "officially" considered viable (24 weeks)! We'll be holding our LOs soon.