2 week appointment

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2 week appointment

Calvin had his 2 week checkup today. He's gaining weight well, is up to 7lb 14 oz (7lb 12oz at birth). He'll be a big boy in no time. Typical boy, the brief moment that his diaper was off during the exam he peed, a lot. Almost got my purse and his car seat. The other day while I was changing him he hit the wall. I really need to remember to cover that thing up during changes, I keep forgetting!
I had my 2 week post-op appointment today too. Healing well, finally got up the nerve to take off the tape from my scar this morning cause i knew the doctor would want to see it. Its pretty much all healed up. I heal so slow usually, its kind of scary, I didn't want to take them off too soon and have this wound that wasn't healed yet. Though now I am remembering that they used that glue stuff to seal it so I guess that wouldn't happen.

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Glad you had a good appointment. I can't wait o get pee'd on, lol I still think our baby is a boy. Not much longer now, and we all will be talking baby and after care appointment's. Smile

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hahaha... been there done that getting peed on. its so much fun. LOL when we moved out of our first house we didn't notice how much pee had gone down the wall. he peed with us not even noticing. or maybe it was because we changed him frequently in the dark!

Sounds like both you and him are doing well.