20 Week U/S

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20 Week U/S

Had my 20 week u/s. Baby looks perfect - of course. Wink Everything is measuring great - though by the measurements they said my due date should be more like Aug 30, but I'm not too worried about any of that. Baby will come when he wants. We didn't find out the gender, although the second the wand was put on my belly we had the money shot had we wanted to have found out. Luckily, I couldn't figure it out if I tried - I thought I was looking at his face at first, lol. Of course, everyone seems to think I know it's a boy because I say "he" - I said "he" with my DD even though I felt pretty certain she was a girl, and I'm thinking girl this time around - although I'd love either gender. I have no preference.

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Glad you had a great ultrasound! when i had mine, the first thing i told the tech was that we wanted to know! i give you credit, you are a strong woman Smile

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Glad all is looking great! I like having suprises on the board... it'll be like Christmas in August for us, lol, we'll have new babies to see and suprises to be found out galore. Smile

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Yay, so glad you had a great ultrasound, go team green.

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Glad everything went well. You are so strong not to look!

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Glad everything looks good with your baby!

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Prop's to team Green! Smile and three cheers for healthy baby!

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Yay for a great u/s!!

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WHOO HOO for healthy!!
YAY Team Green!!!

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I'm proud of your patience!!! Glad everything looks so great!

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Glad all is well. That is so funny about the money shot...the u/s tech showed us and I still did not see what she did (which is a girl) so I will just have to take her word for it. Smile