20 week u/s

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20 week u/s

I hate that I can't just upload pictures to this site. I cannot figure out how to successfully copy the image code from snapfish to here so that it shows the pictures instead of just a link that you have click on. We're able to upload pics for our avatars why cant we do it on the bulletin boards? Sorry Im just frustrated cause I havent been on here for awhile and was excited to share my newest u/s pics. Anyways u/s went fine baby already weighs 15 oz so he's bigger than average. He was sleeping so it took awhile to get him to move in all the different postions they wanted.

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Crystal, I don't think it works from snapfish. You need to upload your pictures to photobucket and then copy using the image code.

Glad your ultrasound went well!

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Glad he looks great! That's always a relief.
Photobucket it very easy to use.

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Glad everything is looking good!

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glad all is looking well! def. try photobucket-- copy and paste the html code into the thread. Smile

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I get frustrated about not being able to load pics to the site as well. Due to the extra steps I rarely post pics even though I want to more often.

I am glad you u/s went well and your baby boy is looking good!