20 week ultrasound

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20 week ultrasound

So I had my 20 week ultrasound on Thursday, and we still have a surprise, even if we wanted to know the gender baby was a pain. lol
We got another hour long session. baby was lying diagonal with head down towards my left thigh, and long legs kicking towards my right boob. Baby was facing outwards but kept hiding its face with hand, as if to say nope your not gonna get to see me, must be practicing for paparazzi. The best part was when the little bugger flipped us off, then curled his legs up to his stomach. Oh and I call baby a him, cus I am still convinced it is a boy. We did get one or two okay face pic's once of baby yawning.
After the tech was done a dr. came in and checked everything and said all was well and normal. baby heart rate was 148. I am measuring one day ahead.

sorry it took so long to post but i had a heck of a time getting the pic's scanned. I know you all want to see the pic's.
so here they are

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Love the hand shot! An hour long ultrasound is awesome...so fun to see your little one. I'll mark you down as a surprise on the EDD list. Smile

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The hand and foot are adorable. Glad all is well!

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Smile very nice! The hand shot is awesome!

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Thanks for sharing the pictures, those are awesome!

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Congrats on a great u/s! I also love the hand and foot shots. TFS!

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Congrats! Love the hand and feet.