24 week Growth u/s - x posted

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24 week Growth u/s - x posted

Last week when I was 23wk 6d I had my growth u/s for the twins at the university hospital. Everything is still looking good. Both twins were weighing 1.5 lb's. Twin A (Easton) was measuring 24wk 5d and Twin B (Ashton) was measuring 24wk 2d. I have a feeling they are going to be big. Their sister was 8lbs 1oz born 2 weeks early.

This was hopefully my last u/s at the university hospital. They only do 2D u/s and they only give you a couple of crappy pics (they are not even worth scanning and posting). Next u/s (28 weeks) should be at my hospital. They usually do some 3D/4D pics and give you a cd of the pics they took - plus it will be a much, much shorter drive.

My next dr appt is at 26 wks, where I will have to do the GD test. I think the plan is to go again at 28wks, and then start weekly appts :eek:

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What great news! It's nice to know that they'll probably be good sized in case they're a little early. Smile

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So glad they're both doing well. It's great you get to see them so often!

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OH I can't wait for the 3d Pics of twins.. thats so neat!

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yay! Glad to hear things are going well.

I cant wait to see your 3d pics too! Wink