26 weeks

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26 weeks

I had my 26 week appointment yesterday, and the dreaded glucose test. Anyone who said the glucola didn't taste bad was wrong, I had the hardest time drinking it. The after taste was terrible, and it made me so nauseous.

The nurse said I would get a call today if I Failed the test, so cross your fingers for me that I don't get a call. ( I didn't get a call today ) I tried to post this earlier but there seems to have been a problem with PG.org

I got to meet another Midwife, She was nice, but kinda made me feel bad about my weight gain, the only question she asked me was "Has your diet changed much lately?" I guess I gained 8lbs in 2 weeks. Dh tried to make me feel better by talking about how i didn't gain any until after my 16th week.
I was plus sized before Pg and i don't want to gain more that 20 lbs. but my total is at 15 right now.

I wasn't upset with the MW, she did answer all my question, and she told me not to worry about the Sciatic nerve, she said some women get that problem in varying degrees.

Baby is doing well but still sideways, heart rate is at 130 bpm.
I only asked what position baby is in because i can't tell, and i guess you dont have to worry until after 30 weeks.

Oh and the weather is so bad right now it was 80 degrees by 8 am, and still climbing.
I was told i was dehydrated and to drink 8 of my 20 oz water bottles a day or more. I am so sick of water. I thought I was doing good with 5 or 6.

I am sure i could go on, but I don't want to complain too much, we have been lucky with having no complications as of yet during my pregnancy.

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Hi! Congrats on your appt. I think 15lbs is a decent amount to gain, heaven knows I hit that a while ago. LOL And yay for not getting a call on the GD test!. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Try some lemon in your water (or lime if you like that more) to flavor it a bit ... sometimes it helps get more water down than just plain old water. If you are dehydrated a drink like gatorade or some other electrolyte drink (not energy drink lol) will help hydrate you again. I drank one of those a day for weeks! lol.

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Ugh. My MW got on me about my weight yesterday too, and I've only gained 12 lbs (7lbs in the last 4 weeks). I hate having to analyze what I'm eating. They told me 1oz per pound as far as water goes...I feel like I'm drowning!

I'm glad that your appt went well otherwise. My little guy is also transverse (or was at the appointment).

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Another good "flavor" for water is cucumber. Anything that helps right? Yeah on the glucose test!! Revel in that instead of the weight questions. 15 doesn't sound to bad, but also don't beat yourself up if you happen to go over 20. Sometimes the goals we set for ourselves early on are not realistic once they are upon us.

Keep up the good job!

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I am glad the baby is doing well and you passed your glucose test.

The oldest DD just had me pick up a those new flavor drops you add to water (they are colorful too). She wouldn't drink much water before and now loves it. You might want to try those. I can't remember the brand name. I think it started with Mo... there are commercials on tv about it right now.

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Hope the test comes out okay!! I dont think thats bad at all weight wise. I have also gained 15 lbs, and my doc says she is very happy with that!