28 week appt :)

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28 week appt :)

First off...SOOO excited I have hit 28 weeks!! Only 12 more to go!! Yahoo

I have my 28 week appt yesterday. Doc FINALLY measured me (she hadnt up until now). She said I am measuring right on target (even though everyone keeps telling me I'm small for being this far along). The baby's HB was 142, so yay!! And I have gained 15 LBS!! HOLY CRAP that number scared me at first! At my appt just 4 weeks ago, i had only gained 8! I cant believe ive gained that much in a month! I certainly feel it, but I dont think i look like ive gained it except in my belly and my booty lol. Well and my legs. But my mom told me from day 1 that all my baby weight was going to my lower half...great...she was right!

But other than the weight issue, I feel pretty good. Lots of RLP's lately, and my lower back is on FIRE...but other that that, i am just so excited and cant wait for her to get here!!!

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Welcome to the 3rd trimester. I am sure things will get more and more uncomfortable from here.

Glad to hear you had a good appt!