29 wk ob appt

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29 wk ob appt

It all went pretty good. She didn't tell me what I was measuring, and I forgot to ask - but when she saw me her eyes got big "wow, your getting big" she said. lol She also complimented me for not getting stretch marks. When I told her I did have them under the belly, down low - she looked again and said they aren't bad at all. I will try to get belly pics up soon, DH did take some last weekend.

BP was HIGH (135/87) eek. Need to start checking that at home again. Hb's were good, boy was a little low, but I think he's back pretty far. I'm trying not to stress and make it to my peri's appt next Monday where I'll get an u/s.

Good news, even though my fasting numbers from GD are a little high, my peri isn't starting me on anything. She was worried that even an oral med could maybe bring my blood sugars down too low. I'm sure we'll review the numbers again next Monday. So the goal for now is to get to next Monday. Smile

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I'm so glad everything is going well (enough Smile ) for you...I can't imagine having 3 in there right now! You are awesome Smile

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Glad everythign i going well. Can't imagine having three - you rock!

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You are doing great! I am glad things are going smoothly for you Smile

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yay for a good appointment. you're doing awesome baking 3 babies. keep up the good work!!

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Yay for 29 weeks and for a good appt! It sounds like you have very rational docs. Hope you can keep baking them for a while longer!!!