3 hour sugar update.....

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3 hour sugar update.....

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party: I'm soooooo happy!!!! I nearly passed out, it was a rough nearly 4 hours. But I did tour the OB floor while there, and had my 28 week appointment. Everything looks good so far. Placenta is still considered a "marginal previa" so they are going to remeasure it in a month.... 2 cm is ALL I need Smile

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Yahoo So glad that you passed and that everything looks great. How was the tour?

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yay Congrats on passing the test! Smile


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YAY! Glad you got good news!

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Yayz!!! Yahoo
so happy you passed

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:udawoman: glad it worked out... now if only your placenta will move!

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the tour was good, it's an older small hospital and things are a bit outdated....but all the nurses seem really nice.

Jessica~ NO KIDDING!!!! I keep doing yoga poses, but all I get is heartburn! LOL don't know how much it really helps...but hey! 2 CM!!!!!

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YAY!! So glad you passed!!! I know those things suck big time!!

Heres hoping you get those 2 cm's!!!

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