3 hr test - updated

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3 hr test - updated

Well, I did my 3 hr test this morning. I should get the results tomorrow morning.

It wasn't as bad as I expected but it definitely wasn't fun. They wouldn't give me the drink until my first blood draw numbers came back OK. Well there was a problem with the machine so I was there nearly an hr before I actually started the test with the drink. The drink was terrible! With DD, the gave me really cold lemon-lime (like sprite) drink and it was pretty good. I didn't mind it at all. With this pregnancy, for the 1hr test they gave me warm organge drink - yuck and for the 3 hr slighlty chilled fruit punch. I really wished they would have had the lemon lime again. I could barely get the fruit punch down this morning.

The first hour after the drink I didn't feel so hot but the longer I sat there the better I felt and I feel just fine now. Biggrin


I FAILED. I have to see a dietian now Sad

Numbers were
Fasting 102
1hr 181
2hr 191
3hr 146

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Good luck!! Hope you get good results!!

Sorry the drink was so yucky! Ive never had a good one, so im a little jealous you got a "sprite" one lol.

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good luck!
I had a gross, warm orange drink when I did my test with DD.

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Hope you get good results!

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Oh man, that stinks!

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That stinks! Well, I failed mine too so those of us who failed can ban together. It's really not that bad once you get the hang of it.

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Yuck! I hope that the dietician will be able to give you some good adv and you wont have to worry about meds or checking your sugars at home!

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Aww man! I hope you can get it under control easily without meds and all that stuff.