3 safety seats -- what kind of vehicle

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3 safety seats -- what kind of vehicle

Hi ladies,
We've got 2 kids in 5 pts harness seats (the safety first brand) and 1 in a high back booster seat.
We're in need of another vehicle my Saturn is dying a slow death and we CAN"T fit 3 carseats in it. we have a mini-van so its not like we're without but we would like to have a 2nd vehicle that would fit all of us.
my DH does NOT like SUV's so that is not an option.
so...... what ideas do you have????

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We have all three kids across in our Honda Pilot. Considered an SUV, I guess, but we keep the third row down most of the time for trunk space. Does not feel like those massive SUVs. We love it! If you do not want any kind of SUV, I think you are stuck with a mini van. Don't think there are many options when you have 3 kids in some sort of booster/car seat. Good luck!

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We have 3 kids in 5 point harnesses in a Mazda 5. It's a fun car to drive (kind of 3/4 size minivan but doesn't drive like one). There are 3 rows of 2 seats each, although if you have the back row seats up there isn't much storage. One thing to watch for is the leg room on the kid in the back. We have a 5-point/booster in the back with our 4 1/2 year old (Britax brand) and it overhangs the from of the seat so he doesn't have a lot of room for his feet. The the middle row we have 2 Britax decathlons, one forward facing with our 3 year old and one rear facing with our 15 month old. When we add #4 we'll probably have to move up to a minivan and I'm going to miss the Mazda 5 so much. I love that car.

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We have a jeep cherokee with a tiny backseat with two in a harness ( one rearfacing) and one in a booster. It's very tight, but they are in.

My car is an Impala with the same three with a tiny bit of wiggle room. There are cars out there that can fit three in the back.

You can probably get other suggestions here The Car Seat Lady

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We have a crossover - we have the Taurus X. It looks like a station wagon.