30 week appointment

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30 week appointment

All looks good so far! bp 100/60 wt gain is up to 14 lbs, baby measures right on, hb 145. I did tell her about some spotting I've had and my contractions, she said to sloooooow down... I'm trying I really am. It's just hard to do when you have that crazy drive inside to do all this stuff! lol I go back in a week and a half for another u/s to check the placenta. hope everyone is doing great!!! We're getting there ladies!!!!

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Glad everything is looking good. I can identify with having energy to do things. But realized quickly that I needed to slow down when I started having contractions. Take it easy. Maybe do things a little at a time.

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Woot woot. Gotta love a good appt. at this stage! Gotta admit, kinda jealous about the contractions simply b/c I don't know what they feel like. Multiple ppl have told me it's totally diff with multiples, so I just have no clue. It's my first pg anyway, so I still have no clue. :/ As for slowing down, heck I've got that mastered...or so I claim (as I went out to eat/movie last night ha!). Lots of reading, computer time, and so much junk tv I'm actually tired of it. Are there any projects you can do that are somewhat relaxing? Journaling, prepping baby book, ty cards from shower - those types of things?

Good luck!

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So glad things are looking good!! I know its very hard to slow down...i have to tell myself that all the time...even just in my walking pace lol.

Hope your next appt goes good!!! Biggrin

And yes we certainly are getting there...i cant believe they are almost here!!

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Glad you had a good appt!

You better listen to your dr. Slow down, we still have a while to go before we get to have healthy babies.

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well I think yesterday wore me out, because I'm having no problem at all with slowing things down today LOL

3-o-me~~~ for me with my first I had no clue about contractions either. and I was on bedrest too. Kinda scary I was at home having some good contractions and had no clue. The only way I figured it out was when they gave me an NST. For me I felt them more in my chest and face? I would get blushed and feel my heartbeat different... every baby is different though.

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Yay for a good appointment!
Definitely need to Slow down. Its so hard to do, but you need to give yourself the rest and its good for baby too! There will be plenty of time after they are here to run around and be busy! Smile

As for contractions, with my first pg I didnt know I was contracting until I went into the hospital when I fell down the stairs at 35/36 weeks and they put the monitor on and told me I was having contractions! lol. Fortunately it wasnt anything major and things were fine for another month. lol After that it was like "oh, hey theres another one..."

I *THINK* I've had a few good BH contractions, but even then I'm still guessing this time around too. I'm sure I'll know later when they are stronger, but at this point its still a guess.