30 weeks

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30 weeks

Well I am still one week away but there are a few ladies that will be hitting the 30 week mark this week. Yahoo

I don't know what it is about 30 weeks, but it makes me feel like we are getting close. Saying 30 weeks outloud just seems so much closer than saying 28 (when you reach the 3rd trimester).

Maybe it is because I know I will never hit 40. That sometime in the 30's the twins will be here. Finally, I feel like I am getting close to the down hill slide. Dirol

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Still have a little but to go till I hit 40 weeks but I know it'll be here soon enough!
I have a good friend who has twins and she made it till 38 weeks I think. But yeah, 30 weeks seems sooooo much closer to 40!

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i just still can't believe that we're in our last stages of the 2nd trimester. where did the first trimester go?
i swear each of my pregnancies have gone so much faster than the first one.

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yeah, that got me thinking, do twins ever hit 40 weeks? Whats a common Gest. period for twins? So excited for you! 30 weeks is aproaching! I remember with DS that everything seemed to SLOW down after 30. Like he couldn't come fast enough!

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Oh yeah! You probably only have a handful of weeks left! How exciting!!! I've got a couple weeks till I hit 30, but it sounds so much closer than 28. We are getting anxious and nervous because time is really flying by! We have our 3d ultrasound scheduled for 6/4 and I'll be almost 31 weeks by then! And 6/4 is only 2 weeks away!!

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It really does!! I am 29 weeks as of yesterday...and i know by next thursday it will be 30 weeks and i am going to freak!! Plus my mom decided to drop a bomb on me yesterday saying she thinks i am going to go at 38 weeks!! (Her being a labor and delivery nurse, she is usually pretty intuitive about these things!) So i am trying not to psych myself out and keep saying 10/11 weeks, instead of 8/9!! I just feel like there is still soo much to do!!

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I read a birth story the other day of a woman who had twins at 41 weeks. Smile She was gigantic.

We are all getting close...although being at the end of the month, I've still got a long way to go!

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Yep, I was just saying to DH tonight that I'm almost 30 weeks... scary. Means I soon start appts every 2 weeks... And we still need a name and to move and set up a nursery. ACK! lol. It goes so fast!

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I was just thinking about this. I will be 29 wks on tuesday and 32 wks when I have one of my showers. I am so excited to be on the down hill slide. I can't wait to meet her.

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My aunt had her twins at 40 W 1 D. They weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and 7 lbs 14 oz. She was HUGE. 15 lbs of just baby. OUCH.

I cannot believe we will all be hitting the last 10 weeks soon. I told DH that in 8 weeks I will be considered "full term" and he got a little freaked out. I guess he's just assuming I will be pregnant forever, LOL.
In the past few days, I've had several people tell me I was looking amazing for being so far along and that I don't look big enough to be 28-29 weeks. . And several who have looked at me with great sympathy while glancing at my belly and saying, "Oh, dear, you've got a really loooooong way to go." Geez, thanks.
Oh, and my friend just found out she was pregnant and told me I could give her any maternity clothes that I've "outgrown" that she figured my sister (who is a few weeks behind me) could give my SIL (who is also pregnant!) all her clothes because they are much smaller. Hmmmm. I feel like a whale now.

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Very exciting... Monday I'll Be 29wks
June 11th In my 31st week .. Thats the Day of My shower.
After that Its like WOW...
I had one of my son's right @37wks.. So never know what may happen

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I can't believe I am already 30 weeks! I am at the point where I want these weeks to tick down fast. I'm due July 29, but I might have an August baby Smile

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"Jessica." wrote:

yeah, that got me thinking, do twins ever hit 40 weeks? Whats a common Gest. period for twins? So excited for you! 30 weeks is aproaching! I remember with DS that everything seemed to SLOW down after 30. Like he couldn't come fast enough!

The average for twins is 36 weeks and the average for a singleton is 40 weeks.

Many people go over 36 weeks, but I doubt my Dr will let me go over 38 weeks (I am a csec). DD was born at 38 weeks and was a healthy 8lb 1oz girl.

My guess is I will make it to 36 weeks and some change - close to 37.