32 week apt

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32 week apt

so I had my appointment this am, everything is good, bp 120/70 , baby heart rate 140bpm.

I asked all my questions, I got to have a student and she was very pleasant then my MW came in. But they kind of made me nervous, because both said not too much longer now.

I guess after 34 weeks they wont stop labor, and baby could come anytime. I am still measuring ahead by about a week. I guess she wont do a scan unless i measure over 2 cm where I need to be.
I also got told to hurry up and get in the birth class which I did today. it is July 9 and the 23rd
I wonder if i will make it to both classes.

I am super excited about my baby shower this Sunday, i am just starting to receive gifts from some of my out of state family.

I can't believe we will all be having our babies soon.

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Yeah for a good appointment. Now don't go into early labor! Smile Weird that the birthing classes are far apart, you might not make it to the last one, but then again that could be your goal if you are supposed to/want to go that far.

KUP on the shower, we expect pics! I'm a little jealous of the out-of-towners gifts. I haven't really received any and my dad has a TON of fam in the Seattle area. Oh well, maybe once they are here or something...

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Glad everything looks good! Sorry they made you nervous.
My OB told me at my 36, 37, 38, and 39 week appts that I might not make it back to my next appt with DD. She was finally right on the 39 week appt. Don't stress about baby being early. They have no idea when he/she will come.

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Glad everything checked out well at the appt.

I'm super excited about my baby shower. Mine isn't till the 9th. Can't wait to see pictures and hear all the loot you made out with.

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Baby shower excitement ! Post pictures! Things will go fast and slow at this point for you! Expecting your first is exciting and seems like it takes forever but when baby does start to come it goes fast? He he I can't wait to see what gender your baby is!!!