33+ wk ob appt

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33+ wk ob appt

Went to see my ob today. I have an appt with my perinatologist on Monday (she is actually out of town until then too). When my ob measured my belly she just laughed and said "big!" She wouldn't even tell my # of weeks, just big. Had more proteins than usual show up in my urine so starting tomorrow I do the 24 hour urine collection. DH was going to drop it off on his way to work Fri, but she just called and said some of my liver enzymes are off so she wants me to come in with him to re-do that test. Not sure if it's a blood or urine test. So, I'm back in bed with my elephant foot elevated on two pillows. I want to make it through this weekend w/o pre-e or other symptoms showing up so the peri I've worked with all along does my c-sec. I know she is the best in town for high risk and I just want her to be the one to deliver... so prayers I can make it until Monday please.
Oh, other good news, she gave me paperwork to get a handicap tag (I know, I should have asked for one long ago) and she said she'll renew it to get me through winter. Smile

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Take it easy and get lots of rest! I hope and pray you make it til next week!!!

And that's great news about the handicap tag. we have courtesy parking around here for mom/dad and baby or expectant moms. The spots are usually just after the handicap spots - usually people are good about not taking them. And If i see someone take it that doesnt have little kids/baby or is preggo I usually have a strong word /glare for them... lol. They obviously have never been preggo or dont have kids to not understand how handy it is to not lug the stroller and diaper bag and everything across a parking lot, especially in ice and snow. lol.

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Good luck and rest! I am so proud of you for making it this far and I am sure all will be good with the next test.

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NOt much longer! Light at the end of the tunnel! Keep strong and I'll keep my phone by me! So excited to see pictures of the little ones! Doing a monday dance for you! Wink

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fingers crosed and prayers sent for a few more days of baking for those babies.

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Praying you make until Monday! Not much longer though! Thinking about you! KUP!

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Monday in around the corner..
take it easy if you can.. Praying for you all goes well

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T's and P's you make it to Monday!! Smile

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I will be praying for you to make it until Monday. I really hope you get to deliver with the dr you want.

I am hoping the boys will come this weekend and hopefully no later than next week. Our babies may be born on the same day.

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only a few more days. T&P I think you are doing great!!

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Hang in there, mamma! You're doing wonderful. Those babies will be in your arms before you know it! Sounds like your OB is really good.

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Sooooo close now! Not much longer now! Keep relaxing and good luck on Monday!! Smile Can't wait to see those babies!