34 week appointment

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34 week appointment

I had mine yesterday...only one more every 2 week appointment and then after that I go every week! :shock: it's getting near the end!!!! I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks, but she said I was good since I lost some in the get go. 18lbs total so far. baby measured great, sounded great urine was great.... pretty uneventful! PTL! I had a few questions on if they would tug on the cord to get out the placenta, she told me no. And they also wait until the cord stops pulsating to clamp it....my two concerns this week! lol how is everyone else doing? have you ladies had any good questions for your dr's lately?

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Yay for a good visit! I'm gld you got answers to your questions. I think I may ask the same thing.

I have my 31/32 wek check up today. I need to talk to him about all the restlessness and just slight pain I have. (I'm sure he'll say it's normal). And talk to him about my swelling being out of control. Other than that, just can't believe I have 2 months left. My SIL is being induced tomorrow and it's making everything so real, lol.

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i've got my 31 week appt today too.

glad you had your questions answered and are happy with the answers.

OMG its just so freaky that we're in the 30's and the number of weeks are less than 10. its coming way too fast. this is my 3rd time and you'd think i'm an old pro and all i can say is i'm overly excited and anxious.

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Had my appointment yesterday and everything went great.

Glad your appointment went well and they relieved your concerned about the cord.

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I have my 35 week apt. today. I'll be asking about cor & placenta in both c-section & vbac cases. I should also ask her what type of method they'll use to close me up if i do have the c-section ie. glue vs. staples. Im getting kinda anxious about what I'll be like after the c-section... especially since last period was Oct 24th! WOW that was a long time ago! Smile

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I am glad you had a great appt!

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Yay for a good visit! Getting so close!