34 Week Appointment

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34 Week Appointment

I saw my midwife today. Good news is that all the pre-term labor I've been having isn't doing anything to my cervix. I wasn't expecting it to because the baby is pretty high up. My cervix is high and closed, so that's a relief.

I'm up 23 lbs so far. I'm really happy with that because I only gained 18 lbs with DD and she only weighed 5 lbs 8oz, so I've been trying hard to gain enough this time. I'm measuring 36 weeks, so I think the weight gain is helping. Smile He's already measuring bigger than DD was at birth (I know these measurements are only an estimate).

Otherwise things look good. I go back on 8/3 for my GBS culture and every week after that.

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Sounds Good
8/3 is my EDD lol

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Sounds awesome! Smile

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That's great weight gain!:yahoo: Not to much, not to little.

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Yay for good appointments!

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YAY for a good appoinment. i go Weds for my 34 week appt too. we're getting there, even if we are at the end of the bus!

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:lurk: Awesome news Joy! T&Ps that you both continue to do well. Smile

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Glad the appointment went well and I'm glad the contractions aren't doing anything.

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Congrats on the good appt!

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Yay for a good appt! Smile
23 lbs is a good gain!!!