36 week appointment and baby shower/ pic heavy

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36 week appointment and baby shower/ pic heavy

Had ultrasound this morning. Baby looks great. Estimated weight is 6.6 lbs which if that is accurate and he gains his estimate .50 lbs per week that would put him around 8 lbs at birth. But i know those can be way off. DS was born at 39 weeks and weighed 8.7 lbs.

After u/s we went to eat breakfast together then went back for doctors appointment (same building diff doctor). Weight was fine, no weight gain in the past month but considering I'm overweight to begin with doctor isn't concerned. I weigh a few lbs less than I did when I got pg. BP was great, HB was good as well.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure from the u/s!

Side of face, arm and hand

Face shots

Had my work shower on Friday then the shower my mom threw for me on Saturday. I didn't get a ton of "stuff" at my work shower but I did get aounrd $140 in cash (had piggy bank where people could put money) and $50 Target GC so that was pretty nice. Also got some diapers and few clothes etc.

At the shower my mom threw me I got:
Rock and Play Sleeper-I didn't register for this but my mom thought it was neat and got it for me. I'm super excited abotu!!
My bouncer
Lot's of diapers
crib toy
Baby washing stuff
Other various baby stuff like bottles and nipples, bottle liners, crib sheets, chaning pad covers, slippers for me (I asked my mom for new ones for the hospital) and jsut some other things.

We had a nice time. I drank a Mimosa too so that was nice, it was a brunch shower.

Here are some pics from the shower! It wasn't very big as this is my 2nd pg and 2nd boy.

My mom and I

DS helping

Rock and Play sleeper

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Everything looks great babe! I can't believe what GREAT face shots you got of baby! I'm so jealous!! I think he looks like you already Smile

You look wonderful and I love the paint on the kitchen walls!

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Those face shots are amazing! So cool. Looks like you had a nice shower too. Smile Not much longer now.

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Mmmmm all that food looks tasty!!!

I'm glad your showers went well and your appt is good Smile Great u/s pics too.

I hope to get one tomorrow at my u/s - the one from last time doesnt show up when I take a pic of it - I just get blur. Its not very clear Sad

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Look at that face!!! Those are so clear, I'm jealous.

The food looks great!! Looks like you got some gnice gifts and had a good time! You look so cute!!!

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Thos U/s pics ar amazin! he has such cute little lips! you shower looks fun and the food is making me hungary. Glad yo had a good day! Smile

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I think he looks like you and your DS! Great pictures! And the shower looks very nice! Not much longer!

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Everything looks super...baby photos and shower.

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Awww, such cute pictures.
What a great baby shower! That food looks soooo yummy.
I bought a Rock n Play too. It just seems really neat. Very similar to the things they market for reflux babies, but not nearly as pricey and very compact.