36 Week OB appt :)

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36 Week OB appt :)

So I had my 36 week appt yesterday Smile

Baby sounds happy and healthy...HB in the 140's. She said I have definitely dropped some. She didnt give me my measurements, but Im sure its still a week or so behind as it has been the whole time. They checked me and she said i wasnt dilated or effaced at all, so baby is still baking away!! She did do the Group B strep test...soo anxious about the results of that, so pray that it comes back negative!!!

I just anxious to get to the next appt next thursday. We are doing the follow up growth u/s to check her size since they were concerned about that at my appt 2 weeks ago. I have gained 5 lbs since then, so hopefully she has gained weight too and they will relax a bit!

Wish us luck!! I need this LO to get fatter lol.

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I forget are you having a girl or a boy?

i'm glad the appointment went well. i've got my fingers and toes crossed for you that the group b is negative. i hope mine is as well when i have it.

YAY for you gaining weight. that's a good thing. i'm sure baby has as well.

what kind of fun things have you been eating to gain weight?

LOL....i've been trying to slow my weight progression down....ie not eat so much pasta. but tonight's dinner at Red Robin probably won't help. Biggrin

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sounds like a good appointment! YAY for a baking baby, we've had enough early bloomers on here lately Wink

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Glad she's doing well! Keep gaining that weight! Smile

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Glad your appt went well. Try not to stress too much between now and then ultrasound... and indulge in something - ice cream, cookies, etc, if you need some extra weight Wink lol

I'm also going to get to see my LO at the u/s next week - its hard not to be anxious!!!

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Red Robin, YUM!

Luck with the next appt. Can't wait to hear the news. I'm sure with your weight gain the LO is gaining just fine.

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Glad everything went well with the appointment. Hopefully baby has put on weight!