36 weeks! *IPDATED*

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36 weeks! *IPDATED*

what is it about 36 weeks that makes me kinda get butterflies!!!!! I'm nervous, excited and just AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! the end is in sight and even though I want it so bad, now I'm kinda freaking out a bit! LOL Dh says this our last and that makes me Sad sad.... my last time being pg, last labor, last smell of a newbie.... Sad

BUT I'm ready to meet this lo too and enjoy her, I've been getting together the final things. Need to clean out the van and get the carseat in, I packed dd and ds bags yesterday, need to work on my bag some more....how about you ladies? maybe you'll mention something that i've forgotten!

Well everything was great at the appointment, baby is heads down, bp is good, had my group B strep swab, and also had a lovely "check" OUCH!!!! :shock: lets just say next week I'm gonna skip that part! I was only a fingertip dilated, and still "thick".......

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Don't forget to include in those bags permission letters for those persons taking care of your kids to transport and seek immediate medical attention for them.
i've not even started a bag yet for myself or the boys. Smile

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My bag isn't packed but I keep making a mental list of stuff for it. I need to pick up a few good nursing bra's still. My list is dwindeling down, but Im a procrastinator. I think I'll miss being preggers. This pregnancy was filled with drama in the begining, but its been so much better than my first! Doctors apointment tonight... we'll see whats goin on down there.

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I know! I'm just starting to get my list together for my hospital bag. I won't pack it until I've got everything I need. Still need to pick up a few things yet.