37 week 1 day appointment

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37 week 1 day appointment

So this morning i was having tummy troubles and my belly was really achey. so i was expecting something when i went to the doctors.

So my blood pressure was the same as it always is. no weight gain this week Biggrin
Baby's HB is 145 (last week was 155). Measuring 40 weeks :eek:
Baby is head down
So Doc checks dilation, still 1 cm same as last week cervix is still high and thick but slightly softer.

So i tell him that eh's going to laugh but i'd like to forgo the sweep this week. he looks at me kinda oddly not bad just odd and i'm like well my Mom doesn't arrive till the 20th and i just really really want her there. he smiled and said completely understandable. we talk again next week. Love my doc.

So i go next Weds. figured i'll get the sweep then. and 4 days later my Mom will be here.

i've really just got to come to terms with the fact that she likely won't make it but be happy that it means she gets even more time with her newest Grandbaby.

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I'm glad you had a good appointment. And it's awesome that he waited to do the sweep and honored your wishes.

I have mine tomorrow and kind of anxious about the whole checking for dilation.

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I'm surprised that he was even willing to do a sweep today, most docs I think won't do it til 39 wks.

How great ur mom will be here soon, and hopefully baby will wait for her Smile

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Sounds like a good appt. I have my 37 on Thursday...

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Aww... I bet your mom wishes she could be there as much as you do. I hope all goes well with the next sweep, but very glad your apt. still went well today.