37 Weeks! (long rant/vent)

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37 Weeks! (long rant/vent)

Last nights appointment went ok. The nurse did the BP at 110/62 and another +2lb gain. I blame the swelling. Baby Ben’s heart rate was in the 150’s (I thought it was weird because it’s been in the 130’s the last several visits, was he just more awake then?).

I don’t like this particular doctor that I saw, but she keeps later hours so I’m kinda stuck with her for weekly’s. She’s not mean, but she walks in and starts pulling the sheets down (as I’m undressed from the waist and below) and while I was trying to protest the internal, just keeps going, not a HI or how are you to my DH & DS.) So I guess it’s her bed side manner? Humm..

Still at 1cm dilated, and this time she said 80% effaced (don’t know how she could really tell the 10% difference), and -2 station. So the baby’s head is down but not engaged. Kind of explains why I’ve been having lower abdominal pain rather then swollen lady bits if ya know what I mean.

Doctor said that she’s concerned the baby’s head is too big and that’s why it’s not engaging. I don’t know why that’s a concern if Im doing a C-Section though. Other than indicating a bigger baby. We’ll know more about how big the baby is on Monday with my last U/S. Last week the doctor said she thought Ben would be 11+. I swear they make me feel like this baby is a monster baby. But it’s totally different from DS1, I honestly feel this baby is smaller. I joke that our boys will be like the movie “Twins” DS1 is like Arnold Schwarzenegger (like DH) and this baby is like Danny Divito (like me.. short n fat!).

So my c-section is officially set up for 11:30 am Aug 1st. Again I got grief about going sooner. Dr. said she will insist on it Monday if the u/s shows a 10+ baby. She said don’t hold my breath that baby will wait till Aug. 1st. She said we should schedule it sooner because then it won’t be an emergency c-section if I go into labor. I don’t see how that matters, its not like they will let me labor long, and honestly I think they just don’t want to be woke in the middle of the night for a c-section. Well too bad so sad, I want to wait. Then she went on trying to convince DH that because I needed 2 units of blood with a transfusion last time that if we do a planned c-section that they can control the bleeding better? HOW IS THAT? I think that was another ploy. I think not being in labor for 48+ hours and pushing for another hour and my son getting stuck in the birth canal will help, not planning a surgery. I’m going to call my aunt who was in attendance with my frist c-section and ask her opinion on if it’s better (for me & baby) to go earlier or not, but I still feel its not and the doctors just want to plan this out.

I feel pretty good this time around no where near the amount of discomfort with my first. My BP is good and weight gain has been somewhat minimal. In fact in 5 days I’ll be pregnant longer with this pregnancy. I’m still sleeping in my bed as opposed to our recliner, and that was not the case for the last three months of my previous pregnancy.

I’m just frustrated that this practice doesn’t seem to support me in my efforts to bake. Mind you they were also the practice that told me I was miscarrying several times. Can’t wait to be done with them. Thanks for reading this far !

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The transfusion thing I have heard before - my family doc (someone I trust!) told me that too after my transfusions last time. I honestly thought (and still do) that if I had had a Csec last time I would have died. As it was I was having white outs and felt like I was above my body after I delivered. (my bp went into the 30s for both #s). But apparently they can control it better in surgery... again not sure how, but I do trust the info as it came from our family doc whom I love.

Maybe one of the nurses on the board can explain?! lol

Sorry your doc is being such a pain. Sad Good for you sticking to your guns!!!

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I am so sorry. This totally sucks. Do not let them force you into anything you are not comfortable with. I would ask what it matters what size Ben is if it is a c-section. This just pisses me off. They (Dr.s) try to scare us into making decisions without giving us real reasons why. Ask all the questions you want to, it is your life and your child's life and just a day job for them so you MUST feel good about the choices you make! Don't let anyone railroad you!

Good luck,