37w4d appointment

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37w4d appointment

I saw my midwife today and it went well. I'm measuring 40 weeks, but I've been measuring ahead for awhile. I'm 1cm dilated, 70% effaced and my cervix is very soft. Baby is at a -1 station, so he's pretty much in the pelvis and engaged. His position is okay, but she's worried he might turn posterior, so I'll be crawling around on my hands and knees a bit tonight. Smile Oh, and the best part, GBS-!

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that's great news!! sounds like things are progressing!

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Sounds super. Congrats on the GBS-. I find out tomorrow...

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Awesome news!! Glad your appointment went well

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Great news!! I guess if you were GBS+ the midwife would just have to give you and IV or how does that work for a homebirth?

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I'm delivering at a birthing center. The midwives are nurse practitioners, so they give GBS+ women IVs. I'm not sure what protocol is with a practical midwife, since I don't think their license allows them to give meds, but I'm not sure.