38 week 2 day appointment

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38 week 2 day appointment

Sigh....for all that belly tightening, hip stretching pain i'd have thought that i'd be farther than i was the last 2 weeks or at least my cervix to be less thick. but to no avail. i'm still 1cm, high closed and slightly softer. Baby is still high. So because i'm still a 1 and no other changes he didn't sweep saying that it would be really painful. Sad
Bean's HB = 144.
Measuring 39 weeks (i'm like last week i was 40, he's like its a variable measurement)

so he is going to have me come in on Monday and then again on Thursday. hopefully i wont need that THursday appointment. but he did say that he'd sweep me on Monday and then again on Thursday.

So i'm going to start the 2 EPO tonight, walking more and then utilize my breast pump. gotta get things going here.

Mom arrives Saturday and then leaves the 29th. so i've only got a short window.

part of me wonders if i'm stalling my own progression with this mental forcefield on dilation so that i wouldn't go before Mom got here. so maybe once she arrives i'll just fall head over cervix into labor??????

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oh hon, I sure hope so, good luck! lol head over cervix lol

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Don't get discouraged about dilation. As it's been said over and over on here- it doesn't mean much. I was only 2 cm two days before I had Camdyn. I was feeling discouraged because I had been that way for three weeks.
Hopefully your body is just waiting on your mom to arrive!

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I thought the Doc told you he WOULD sweep at the next apt.? But..ha ha.. the head over cervix line was great! I hope it works out for you, if your mom is like my mom she'll be a great support person!

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Thanks girls. i know you're right.

and guess what this morning.....Bean dropped. as my DH put it, i see boobs again! LOL