38 week appt (long... what else is new lol)

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38 week appt (long... what else is new lol)

Today was my 38 week appt. It was ...eventful. lol. The drama never ends with this baby!

First of all, things are good and healthy. My bp is 118/60 something (i forget the #) and I gained half a pound (must have been the ice cream? lol) and I'm measuring 36 (up from 35 last week).

I met with a new OB because mine is on holidays. I mentioned all the contractions I have been having and she told me to get undressed (yay for that paper sheet someone else mentioned in their thread lol) and she checked me. My cervix is still thick and high and closed. So its all just BH's. BOO! But on the other hand its good to know for peace of mind. I wont obsess over them as much. I had 4 good ones in just over half an hour in her waiting room!

Now for the drama...
Anyway she listened to babys HB (forget the # again!) and then she felt my stomach and measured it. And said "Ok, Baby's probably about 8.5 lbs" :eek: I said "pardon?!" She looked at me a bit funny and I said the ultrasound 8 days ago said hes 6 lbs 1 oz. She looked at me, felt my stomach again, read the report again, and said theres no way I believe that.

This makes SOOO Much more sense. Honestly the u/s saying it was 6lbs was unexpected and I've been questioning it ever since. I'm not HUGE, but I'm not measuring small either. Ive gained about 35-40 lbs total. I forget my exact starting #... anyway, with DS being so big, I had a hard time thinking this babe was so small. The doc said shes had 4 kids herself and the BIGGEST was only 6 something and theres no way I'm carrying a baby that small. I dont know how they can tell by feeling... But anyway, she is questioning the u/s that I had on the 12th. Since she will be seeing me until my doc gets back on the 8th (a week after my EDD) she wants to be sure about things.

So, I get another u/s on Tuesday the 26th!!! (which also is our anniversary, happy anniversary to us, we get to see baby! lol DH is excited to come to another one and see LO)

Anyway, so I get a new u/s! Yay.

But really?! All this drama over size?! again? or should I say Still? sigh. It's getting old, I'm a bit frustrated. I know its all "estimates" etc, but shes questioning IF I can birth him. Which is what I've done all along. Honestly after pushing out 9 lb 14oz DS, I'm NOT wanting to do it again if I'm going to have 4 hours of pushing, radical episotomy (20ish stitches) and the forceps and vacuum again only to result in trauma for both of us. Book my Csec if hes that size!! You know, the one I had booked for yesterday. lol ugh. At least baby will bake longer and be 39 weeks for the u/s next week so I feel better about that. If I end up with a Csec at that point I'll be happier than if it was 37/38 weeks as originally discussed.

Oh, and as for the u/s tech at the hospital (Who I SWEAR is the same one who told me DS would be a small babe, and he wasnt! ) who said "if this is a big baby I need to go back to school" ...
IF it is a big baby, and the u/s was bad, DH already has plans to file a complaint on her. This will be the SECOND TIME she did this to us. I guess we'll have to see just how different this next u/s is. If she is that incompetent, I'm ready to take a strong complaint showing the errors she made. Not fair to be doing that job and being off by so much. And I doubt he's gained almost 3lbs in 8 days in there when IVE ONLY GAINED HALF A POUND.

The next u/s will be in the clinic office instead of at the hospital and she will be able to speak to the tech herself and get the report before my next appt which is the 28th. I'm hoping she has more faith in the person in her office?!

K rant is done... Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through!!!

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So you're measuring 36 weeks, but she thinks the baby is 8 lbs? That's odd. I'm measuring 36 weeks and my midwife said the baby feels about 6lbs or so. All the estimating is so frustrating. Hope the next ultrasound sheds some light on it.

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How frustrating to have two totally different opinions. I hope he turns out to be smaller so you don't have to worry about the c-sec. What a roller coaster!

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That's so crazy that the u/s tech is off that much. i'd definitely file a complaint as well.

Very cool though that you're going to get to see your LO again before birth. And i'm glad that you are able to allow the baby to bake longer.

Happy anniversary in case i forget later.


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That does really suck that the two opinions are soooo different. I would go by how your feeling compared to DS until the next u/s (in just a few days!) I can very much tell that this baby is smaller than my first. If the U/S tech is that off, your very right, she shouldn't be doing that job! And yeah, I think a c-section would be better for you if this baby is already at 8.5. :confused: but its always good to get more confirmation. sorry your still in limbo with your birth plan. Sad

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Sheesh...I would not like the confusion either. I am at 34 weeks and was told that she is 4 lbs, 10 oz...so being 4 weeks further and 4 lbs bigger would scare the crap out of me and I do not blame you for not wanting to push such a big baby out. Good luck with the next U/S, hope it provides some peace of mind.

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That is really off from what the tech. said. I personally think you can feel more with your hands when it comes to size, and I think mom can "center in" and sorta feel baby, too. I called DD's birth weight the day she was born, I said 8 lbs. she was 8 lbs. 3 oz.