38w3d midwife appointment

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38w3d midwife appointment

I'm 38w3d today, which is the gestation that DD was born at. I had my appointment and I'm still 1cm, 70% effaced, very soft cervix. Baby is a -2 position, not quite engaged. He's in a LOT position. Basically, as soon as rotates a little bit, things will probably get moving fairly quickly.

I'm actually relieved that things haven't progressed much because DH leaves again early tomorrow morning for another five day trip. So hopefully labor will get going next Monday or Tuesday when he's home.

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that is good news. i hope babe holds out for you. so no pelvic rocks or cat/cows for you to get baby in better position.

i've got my 38 week 2 day appointment tomorrow. hopefully i'll have some good news too.

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Sounds good. Sending you some "stay in for a few days" vibes!

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sounds great! same here, sending some "bake a few more days" vibes. Smile

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oh I hope baby holds out for you, so your Dh is there. good luck:)

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great progress
hope lo bake a lil bit longer for you