39 week u/s pic

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39 week u/s pic

I had my ultrasound today. The tech wasn't as chatty as the ones I've had in past - normally they make small talk while doing the scan, but this one was quiet. Maybe it was a good thing and she was concentrating? Anyway, she wouldnt give any results or say the size of baby - she said my doc will tell me on Thursday. Dang, I have to wait 2 days for it!!!

But, DH got to go and stand quietly in the corner and watch for the half hour scan - so he got to see all of baby! Smile She couldnt confirm gender as he wasnt showing the goods! But we've had it given and confirmed on July 12, so I am confident he's still a he.... lol... if not she will have to like blue bedroom walls. lol.

Anyway, when she turned the screen towards me, we got to see him sucking and swallowing, and she gave us one pic of his face. This is an AWESOME pic. You can see his little button nose (its in the middle of the pic, I want to poke it already!) and pouty lips and an eye. Smile

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Cute little man, there!!

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Aww! Look at that little nose! How cute!

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Super picture!

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So cute!

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Such a great picture! Can't wait to see what he looks like in person Smile

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What a cutie! Sorry you have to wait for your results.