39w2d Appointment

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39w2d Appointment

Went to see my midwife today. 2cm, 70% effaced, baby at -1 station. So a little progress from last time. She did a membrane sweep, so we're hoping things get going tonight so that DH doesn't have to fly back to Chicago for work on Wednesday.

Baby's heart rate wasn't great, so they did a NST. I passed, but baby's HR dropped to the 110s a couple of times, and even though it bounced back, they'd prefer he come sooner rather than later. So she had me pick up so cotton root bark to get things moving. I have BPP scheduled for Wednesday afternoon if the baby isn't here yet.

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Hopefully the sweep did something! Sending you labor vibes!

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I bet that sweep will work! Smile GL!

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I hope the sweep moves you along. My sister had a folley bulb which did the trick for her and she was 10 days late. Maybe you can ask about that if you want to avoid other "medicinal" interventions. I have to do the NST and the BPP every week (since 32 weeks) and while it was neat the first few times it is definitely getting old.