3D ultrasound tomorrow!! - UPDATED w/Pics

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3D ultrasound tomorrow!! - UPDATED w/Pics

I'm so excited!! Tomorrow is our 3d ultrasound and I'm super anxious! I'm bringing one of our first's 3d ulstrasounds so we can compare and see if they share any features Smile Its a shame its a 2 hour drive, but it was the closest one. I was going to do one in the city (NYC) and then we could stay over for the weekend and maybe take our little guy to the Bronx Zoo, but ended up deciding against it. We'll take him to the zoo another time and then just drive back. It would have been an extra hour to do that and then we have to try and figure out where to park and deal with the traffic.

I get a CD of pictures, so I'm going to upload them if we get any good ones. Hopefully this little lady is cooporating tomorrow Smile Its 30 minutes of scanning, but the appointment is an hour. They said they give extra time in case the baby is in a bad spot they'll have you try and move a little to readjust the baby.

** Here's some pictures! We almost didn't get any - she was originally smushed completely backwards! I moved to my left side (which she hates) and she rolled over and started moving around.

And this is our first's 3d ultrasound...they look similar for sure, but definitely have different features.

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How exciting!

I sure hope your baby girl cooperates and you get tons of great pics. Can't wait to see them. Smile

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You're going to love it! I love seeing my little guy on the 3d ultrasound.

Here's hoping the baby cooperates!

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wishing you luck luck luck in getting good pics. Can't wait to see. Great idea thinking to take the other pics along to compare.

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Yay! Good luck! I can't wait to see them! Hope baby girl is in a cooperative mood!

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Can't wait to see them! Smile what a fun way to spend some time on the weekend.

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So cute! She has lips for days!!!

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What good pictures!!!!!!! She looks comfy and sweet

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Omg.. They just look so real... Cute pictures

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great pictures! she's gonna be a cutie! Smile

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Aw, too cute Smile

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she is tooo cute! I'm glad she rolled over for you.

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Pics look great!! FTS!

I'm glad she was co-operative!

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Love it!!

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Too cute!

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Sooo adorable!!!

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Awesome pics! So cute!