4 Month update and pics

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4 Month update and pics

Orion turned 4m on the 9th! It was a busy weekend so I didnt get around to posting this sooner.

He is 14lbs and 24 inches. He's staying right on the 50th percentile for both, so the dr and I are happy. He is doing wonderful, hes a happy baby who only cries when hes REALLY hungry or gassy, but for the most part hes a happy happy guy!! He sings/coos, he loves to bounce/jump, he loves to chew things (I swear hes getting more teeth any day now).

Sorry I havent been on much, December is always busy and we have had the usual MIL drama. First she claims us bouncing him on our knees is "shaken baby syndrome" (WTF!I'm super angry over this) and then she semi uninvited us to the family Christmas Eve dinner and then a week later invited us again. It upset DH to the point of tears (a feat in itself) and bc its important to him and its his family ...we're going. Part of me would like to say F*** it, but I dont need/want more drama!

Here is a couple pics of Orion by the tree and one of both boys with Santa. (Sorry so big)

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Sorry about the family drama. Super cute pics though! He looks like such a happy baby.

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pooy on drama. why is it always more intense at the holidays???
your boys are adorable!

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He's so big! Love the boys photo with Santa!

I wish I could post Lizzie's 4 month, but we have another week to go Sad

Sorry about the MIL drama. I'm right here with you - I so need to email you, lol! I would say find me on FB, but she's on there too and she had to get an iPhone 4s (which we all have to show her how to use it) ***eye roll***. Sorry yours decided to act up during thr holidays. I mean seriously, this is not the time to act like that!!

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OH i haven't even started with holiday pic's except Lilly's pick with Santa, she kinda looks freaked out in her's but she was so preoccupied with all the people at the party, I couldn't get her to look at mommy.

Love the outfit by the way, she looks like he wasn't too sure about Santa either.

I wish you luck with the MIL drama, i wont post my complaints here but I feel you.

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He looks super!

Family drama here too and seems to only be worse now that there is a baby.