4 week check up

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4 week check up

I cant believe Kendra is already 1 month old Sad

She has her check up yesterday. She is 8lb and 1/2 oz and 21"inches long!! OMG! She doesnt feel like an 8 lb baby LOL Dr said she is perfect. Well DUH LOL I am still nursing with a nipple shield and substituting formula occasionally, and pumping in there too. Mom on the other hand has lost all her preggo weight plus 3 lbs! YAY!

Next week is my last week off of work. i am dreading going back. i have so many worries, most pretty silly. My husbands sister is going to watch Kendra while we work. This is GOOD NEWS! that is one fear gone, the fear of my child not being properly taken care of. But now all i can think of is how can i be a good mom when i am gone for 12 hours a day?? our schedules will leave brian and i with only 4 hours home with her before bed time, including cooking etc. again, i know thisis silly, but i worry that i wont be there for her enough Sad Being a working mom is going to be tough, physically and emotionally.

with that said, i am also very dissappointed in my time home that i have had. i dont feel like i've had the quality time that i so very much wanted with her before i go back to work. the first 2 weeks were great, but after that the Sh*t has just hit the fan with everything and being that im off of work i get to clean up all the messes! UGH...yesterday after Kendra appt i had to take care of some family BS that included a fued between our nephew and brians other sister over a stupid computer chair (a little history, DH's brother passed almost 2 years ago and we had to finsih buying the house or lose the entire investment. it was rent to own. we are finally getting rid of it and trying to clear it out). The SIL says the chair is hers and nephew says it was his dads, and here comes a HUGE fight and ppl getting pissed at me for a decision tht my husband made. oh heck no, dont blame me! i seriously dont need this crap, especially not over something so STUPID! DH has been told that the rest of my time off i WILL spend with Kendra! 4 week PP and i still feel the pains sometimes in my uterus. i still have a hard time getting off the floor and i still cant walk that much with hurting. is this normal?? i have my PP appt next thursay and will find out, but im sure the fact that i havent been able to really rest isnt helping.

Well, im sorry if i bored you, thanks for reading if u made it this far. Its nice to be able to vent sometimes Smile

Hope u all are doing well!

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I'm so sorry sweetie. i'm glad Kendra will be with family. that's awesome.

if you need more time off and your company allows it go on short term medical leave. sounds like your doc could back you up with a letter with your uterus issues sounds like you've got a valid excuse.

enjoy your time with your daughter it goes so fast.

i really can't believe that our babies are 1 month already. Eve's appointment was on Monday (her 1 month was the same day). sigh......goes too fast and i really hate it.

awesome that Kendra is a perfect big girl. that's too cool!!

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I am also dreading going back to work. 2 weeks of our time was wasted in the hospital and I feel like we did not get our bonding time.

Sorry the family is driving you nuts. I hope that gets better soon.

KUP on what Dr. say about uterus pain.

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I'm glad she will be with family. I'm sorry you are having to go back and going to miss that sweet baby. Glad she checked out okay.