40 week appointment

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40 week appointment

Had a great appointment today and I left not feeling crazy, lol. My MW totally thinks my body is ready and trying its hardest to get into established labor but the baby has gotten posterior again. She said for me to come home today and walk to get the contractions stirred up again and then get on all fours with my butt up in the air to loosen his head some and try to get him to turn and get off my left side and more centered (his head is currently so low, it's sorta stuck and hitting my right pelvic bone and he can't turn himself right now) and she really thinks that will give me the extra umph I need to get these contractions really going-- so you know what I'm gonna be doing today. She even said, "The only thing holding you back is his position-- I won't see you again this time next week, I'm probably going to see you tonight or tomorrow."

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OHHHHH i hope she's right. Good LUCK!!!!

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me, too! operation "move baby" is in order!!! Smile

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YAY!!!! Oh I hope so! KUP!!!!

ELV for you!!!

I sort of wish I had a MW for that kind of thing - position etc. I know hes head down and partially engaging, but he isnt engaged yet. Otherwise he could be in any position that I know of... sigh.

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You're soooo close! Can't wait to hear you're in labor!

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That sounds good! Get crawling!

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So exciting!! Good luck!!!

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Good luck!!!

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Super excited!! Hopefully you can get him in a favorable position and labor starts very soon for you!

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Come on baby! Move move move! Blum 3