4m small update

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4m small update

Lilly had her 4 month check up on Wednesday before Christmas, nothing big to report she is healthy.
25 inches long, which is 96th, but her weight is only 13 1/2 lbs which is still good at 64th i think.

I meant to post during the weekend but I had a nasty stomach bug on Christmas eve into Christmas so I didn't really get to enjoy her first Christmas. Sad Now Dh has the bug and has to miss work that we can't afford him to miss, but when your sick like that ( coming out both ends) there is not much you can do about it, but stay home.
I thank God Lilly is doing well, but it was tough to nurse her while sick, I am so glad to have a wonderful Dr. who called in an RX so i could keep fluids down, I did not want to be in the Er on Christmas.

Anyway there is so much more i want to talk about but alas I have to check on DH and take care of Lilly.

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I hope you are still doing well. Im sure next CHristmas will be better. Lily looks soo cute in her picture!

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Hope you're all back to feeling better. Sounds like Lilly is growing wonderfully!